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Shruti Kapoor (born 25 September) is an Indian economist, women's rights activist, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Sayfty,[1] an initiative that aims to educate, equip and empower women and girls against all forms of violence.[2]


Born in Kanpur, India[3] Kapoor moved to the United States in 2000.[4] After earning a master's degree in Economics from Marquette University,[5] she worked as an economist for the World Bank in Washington, DC for two years.[6] Following this, she moved to California to complete her PhD in Economics,[5] and remained a consultant for the World Bank. After graduating with a doctorate degree, Kapoor taught Economics at Occidental College for a year.[5]

Activism and social entrepreneurship

Kapoor founded Sayfty in June 2013 as an initiative to educate, equip and empower women and girls against all forms of violence.[3] The initiative aims at training young women and girls in self-defence, the use of safety tools including pepper-spray,[6] awareness of laws and legal rights,[6] and creating dialogue around safety and what makes women feel unsafe. Sayfty was awarded the People's Choice Award by Femvertising in 2015.[7][8]

As an activist, Kappor has addressed many public forums including the Youth Assembly at the United Nations in August 2016.[9]


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