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'SipsCo.' is a fictional company created by Yogscast YouTuber and gamer Chris Lovasz (also known as Sips). Primarily, the company manufactured and sold quality dirt, however in 2014 during the Dirt Quest series that after a fully-operational Dirt Factory was built in the mud biome sold to SipsCo by Hat Films that the company was a façade for a cocaine business.


SipsCo. was forst founded by Chris Lovasz and Paul Sykes (known professionally as Sips and Sjin) in a Minecraft series known as Camelot. The company was first formed as a mining company with a team consisting of the two founders as management, and a sheep (named Guy) as the Customer Service Representatives. This business venture was short lived, with the whole compound being destroyed by the Beaver Mafia.[1]

A new SipsCo. compound plan was released by Sykes, who also began work on it on his own. In the directly neighbouring property, another company known as 'NotCo.' that opened a work shed titled 'Honeydew Inc.' (who would soon become the main rival of SipsCo.). During this business venture, Joakim Hellstrand is found floating in the ocean, and is subsequently hired. It is later found that he was using the business for free resources, before leaving on an extended (and unauthorised) holiday and not returning. SipsCo. and Honeydew Inc. spent an extended period fighting, which included sabotaging each others compounds and stealing (and leaving for) the management of either company.To end this, Lovasz brought Sykes back to the company by offering to change the business name to SjipsCo. (this was short-lived). It was following this that SjipsCo. began trading in decking after experimenting on the compound pool. The team moved to a new area to work on a new base of develop nuclear weaponry.

After a warning of a looming nuclear war, the SjipsCo. team began working on the production of missiles. They did this with the help of their newest (and unseen) team member, Nic 'The Cage' Cage, who parachute-dropped supplies to their compound. Despite their best efforts, Lovasz set off a red matter bomb that threatened the fate of the whole server. This was later solved with the use of antimatter explosives.

The next business venture of SipsCo. (by this point renamed with the original company name) began the Sipsco Space Program. This was short lived, as the program ultimately failed, as they were beaten to the Moon by Honeydew Inc., and were then forced to blow up their Space base. Upon returning to Earth, Lovasz was sold the deed to a far-away mud biome by Hat Films, to which we took the new SipsCo. team there to began construction of a new Dirt Factory.[2]

The new SipsCo. team (of 2014) consisted of Lovasz, Lewis Brindley, and Mark Turpin (known collectively as Sips, Lewis, and Turps). The intention was to build a fully operational Dirt Factory, however it was later revealed that Lovasz and Brindley had always intended to mass-produce cocaine (to which Turpin was unaware).[3] The team did manage to create a completely automated dirt facotry (including an executive office, a production floor, a shipping-and-receiving garage, and a farm (with a forest), however they later constructed an underground cocaine laboratory. When Turpin stumbled upon the cocaine stash, he became addicted to 'medicinal' cocaine. During this time, the Japanese company 'Fuku Shitu' purchased the company, becoming the parent company of SipsCo.[4]


Current employees

  • Chris Lovasz (known as Sips) - President/CEO, founder, co-owner and janitor
  • Lewis Brindley - Supervisor, advisor and head scientist
  • Mark Turpin (known as Turps) - Employee, worker and rookie
  • Nicholas Cage (known as The Cage) - Lawyer

Former employees

  • Paul Sykes (known as Sjin) - Head Scientist, architect and co-owner
  • Joakim Hellstrand (known as Rythian) - Master wizard,known golemancer
  • Guy (Sheep) - Customer Service Representative

Product list

These are the main products of the SipsCo. corporation as produced at the SipsCo. Dirt Factory (situated in the Yogscast Complete mud biome):

  • Solidified Compressed Organic Lacquered Varnished Semi-salted Non-porous Low-fat Diet Sugar-free Extra-gluten Biomatter (Mud Bricks) Part of the SipsCo. Exquisite Range
  • Dirt (Dirt) Part of the SipsCo. Economy Range
  • 'Medicinal' Cocaine


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