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SlifkerGames is a games developer based out of Orlando, Florida.[1] It is run by CEO and programmer Michael Slifker.[2] As an avid poker player and poker dealer he has cashed in poker events such as the 2013 WSOP (World Series of Poker).[3][4][5][6][7][8]

The SlifkerGames logo looks like a bent Tic-Tac-Toe design. Looking at it face-on, it looks like it is being squeezed on the top on bottom so it budges out on the left and right sides.[9]


Jungles of Natheria won the "Best Platformer Game" Biffy award at Otronicon 2018.[10]


  • Low-Joe: Reverse Blackjack has a patent number #8,505,920. This was filed on June 2, 2009 and granted on August 13, 2013.[11] The original title was Countdown and was applied to the USPTO as "Count Down Game".[12]
    • The patent is referenced in the patent citations for "Method of playing a HI-LO card game having eights as trump cards".[13]
    • Referenced in "Wagering game involving card ranges".[14]
    • Referenced in "Card Game".[15]

Software (Beta)

  • Jungles of Natheria
    • This is a 2D side scrolling platformer game whereas one travels the jungles looking for the lost treasure of the infamous Dr. Slifker. It is scheduled for a public beta release in September 2018 with a full release at the end of 2018.[16] The first public showing was at the Otronicon 2018.[17] Another upcoming show is the Free Play Florida 2018 in Orlando, Florida.[18]

Software (Released)

  • BLASTO!: Space Bombardiers
    • A Space Invaders type of game whereas one must defend the Earth from invaders from space.[19] It is available on Amazon (Windows)[20] and Play Store (Android).[21]
    • On TipSense's website "App Crawlr", the users have voted it 8.2/10 for a rating of "Great!".[22]
  • Low-Joe: Reverse Blackjack
    • A patented casino card game whereas one must draw to a lower rank than the dealer. This is Android only.[23] It is available on the Play Store (Android).[24]
  • Poker Dealer's Toolkit
    • An Android only app for poker dealers to manager their accounting.[25] It is available on the Play Store (Android).[26]
    • On TipSense's website "App Crawlr", the users have voted it 7.6/10.[27]
  • Study Whatty: Poker Drills
    • A software app consisting of many games for a poker player to improve his skills at poker.[28] It is available on Amazon (Windows),[29] Play Store (Android)[30] and Windows 10 Store.[31]


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