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Solynta is a specialized potato breeding company, which has made hybrid breeding (also known as hybrid pure inbred line breeding, a non-GMO classical breeding approach) applicable to Potato.[1] Solynta uses diploid potato (Solanum tuberosum) lines to create its hybrids. The end-product of these hybrid crosses are the botanical seeds. The new breeding technique has been mentioned as the most important invention in potato cultivar development.[2]

Solynta was created in 2008 as the result of a management buy-out from De Ruiter Seeds -world’s leading tomato breeder- at the time of De Ruiter Seeds acquisition by Monsanto.

The Dutch government in presence of HRH King Willem Alexander honored Solynta as a National Icon Laureate in 2014 for the hybrid potato.[3]

Breakthrough in potato breeding will enlarge the potential of potato as a food, feed and industrial crop. Solynta has developed a revolutionary breakthrough in potato breeding by establishing HIgh Speed POtato Breeding (HISPOB).


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