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Spacetoon is a Indian, a unit of Spacetoon International which primarily shows children and animation programming. The channel officially launched on March 09, 2017. satellite television channel created by Weiss Bros. SpaceToon Kids TV has a branch / subsidiary in India.


In the 2000s, the channel SpaceToon was launched by Spacetoon Pakistan and most " classic" cartoons were moved from Cartoon Network to the new channel, which initialy broadcast on 25th October 2006, 12pm- 6pm, programming planet's song International.


  • Action (Planet of the excitement and mystery) of the series of movement and excitement.
  • Adventure (Planet of the imagination and thrill) of the Series adventures.
  • Sports (Planet of the challenge and strength) of the series and sports programs.
  • Zomoroda (planet for girls only) series and programs for girls.
  • Bon Bon (Planet Heroes adults) for baby shows
  • History (planet from time immemorial) for the historical series.
  • Science (planet discovery and knowledge) for educational programs.
  • Alpha (Planet of the numbers and letters) for educational programs.
  • Comedy (Planet Laughter) to comedy series.
  • Movies (planet of all colors) for the cartoons.

Spacetoon International

Spacetoon International Spacetoon programming planet's also has international channels in Indonesia and the Arab world.


Spacetoon on March 27, 2000 Arabic television in Damascus and Dubai channel, this from show that specializes in animation and children programs planet Digimon, Beyblade Metal Fusion, The Mr. Men Show, Masha and the Bear, Little Charmers, Inazuma Eleven and Jewelpet: Magical Change (2016).

Spacetoon India Programming

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