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Sprocket (Amelia Barnhardt) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was primarily depicted as a pilot for the superhero team the New Warriors. Her first appearance was in Night Thrasher: Four Control #2. She is African American and is the mother of deceased Redeemers member, Meteorite.

Publication history

Fabian Nicieza said that he added Sprocket to the New Warriors cast "because there's no way I'm going to let those kids fly their own helicopter! It would be too Speed Racer-ish, having these teenagers zooming around in a helicopter and such."[1]

Fictional character biography

Amelia Barnhardt is an old friend of New Warriors mentor Andrew Chord from their days as mercenaries.[2] When Andrew Chord needs extensive rehab after a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Sprocket serves as a helicopter pilot for Night Thrasher and the New Warriors.[3] Her first mission is to fly the team to the war torn country of Trans-Sabal. Sprocket often smokes cigars, totes huge guns and shouts profanities.

Sprocket has a drunken one night stand with fellow mercenary Donald Joshua Clendenon during a mission in Rhodesia. Josh leaves her with the bar tab the next day.[4] Sprocket becomes pregnant with Clendenon's daughter Valerie. Sprocket chooses not to tell him and raise Valerie alone. Sprocket enrolls Valerie in a military academy at six years old. When Valerie is 18 she joins the Air Force, eventually becoming a lieutenant until she paralyzes her commanding officer who attempted to rape her.[5]

The two meet again when Cardinal and his team Air Force hijack a Taylor Foundation plane. Cardinal shoots Sprocket in the knee before he and his team are defeated by Night Thrasher.[4] Cardinal and Sprocket meet again when Air Force is attacked by the Soldiers of Misfortune while on a relief mission in Africa.[6] Sprocket quits being the New Warriors pilot shortly after Night Thrasher is kicked out of the group.[7]

Valerie takes the codename Meteorite and joins the Redeemers to get a pardon for her crimes. Before she can do so she and several Redeemers are murdered by Graviton. According to a jailhouse conversation with Donald after Valerie's death, Amelia and Valerie hadn't spoken in three years.[8]


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