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Stephan Kallee

Stephan Kallee (born 1965 in Tübingen) is a German welding engineer.

Life and Work

Stephan Kallee was born in Tübingen in 1965 as son of the university professor Ekkehard Kallee and his wife Barbara Kallee, neé Weigmann. He learned Latin and Greek at the Uhland-Gymnasium in Tübingen, where he gained the abitur in 1985. He served as engine technician on the auxiliary ship Tender Main.

He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. After studies on elastohydrodynamic lubrication and laser-specific design of a car door, he wrote his diploma thesis about flexible and compliant systems in laser material processing. After obtaining his diploma, he became an International Welding Engineer at SLV Munich.

In May 1995, he started his career as Project Leader at TWI (The Welding Institute) in Cambridge, UK. He specialised in solid phase welding, i.e. welding without melting. He used proceses such as friction stir welding, rotary friction welding and linear friction welding. As Collaborative Project Manager he managed EC funded projects such as LinFric® (1.36 Mio €),[1] EuroStir® (8.8 Mio €)[2][3] und STEQ™.[4] As Sector Manager he worked in business development in the automotive, railway, ship building, heavy engineering and aerospace sectors.[5][6]

Since November 2008, he worked as Senior Sales Manager for 7½ years at PSTproducts GmbH in Alzenau. He focussed on the industrial application of the electromagnetic pulse techncology for welding, forming, crimping and cutting of metals. He also provided consultancy to companies, which wanted to invest in robotic MIG/MAG welding cells.[7]

Since 2016, he is CSO of Stirtec GmbH in Premstätten near Graz in Austria and manages the sales of friction stir welding machines, friction stir spot welding guns, manufacturing cells, tools and manufacturing services. The company offers complete solutions from application development and prototyping until industrial production, especially for joining dissimilar materials.[5]


Stephan Kallee stems from an academic family in Württemberg: His father Ekkehard Kallee was a professor for nuclear medicine at Tübingen University.[8][9] His grandfather Albert Kallee was director of the Landgericht Stuttgart and expert for employment law.[10] His great-grandfather Richard Kallee was Lutheran parish priest in Feuerbach and has discovered as local historian 102 alamannic sandstone cists in Feuerbach and documented 760 archaeological finds.[11] The Kalleestraße in Stuttgart-Feuerbach is named after him. His great-great-grandfather, General Eduard von Kallee was probably an illegitimate son of King William I of Württemberg and devoted himself after an unusually steep military and diplomatic career to literary, artistic and archaeological studies, during which discovered several Roman sites along the Limes Germanicus.


Friction stir welding

Ship building

Railway rolling stock



Linear friction welding

Electromagnetic Pulse Technology


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