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Template:Infobox cryptocurrency Streamr Network AG (or Streamr) is a Switzerland-based technology company. The company is building a decentralized low-latency,[1] data streaming platform for monetizing data produced by the Internet of Things, utilizing and a cryptocurrency.[2] Streamr's roots are in Finland and the company's current products include a web-based editor for programming real-time data streams.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

The platform received crowdfunding for the value of 25 million euros, with an ICO, to be decentralized and open sourced,[10][11] using, in part, the Ethereum blockchain.[12][13][14]

Streamr's leadership includes CEO Henri Pihkala, COO Risto Karjalainen, CDO Matt Innes and Shiv Malik as Head of Communications.[15][8]


Streamr strives to build a marketplace for real-time streaming data, and to re-implement its existing platform around decentralized technology. The distributed version of the company's technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and a low-latency p2p network, which remains under development.[16][17][9]

The role of the purpose build p2p network is to distribute data streams that have been purchased by users. The company envisions a future where, for example, urban environments may generate a lot of data from sensors. [18][19][8]

Before its crowdfunding campaign in the fall of 2017, Streamr released a whitepaper on the company's decentralization plans, which argues that the role of the blockchain must be limited to verification and authentication, due to scalability limitations. The whitepaper states that the Ethereum blockhain is ideal for building so-called smart contracts, but considerably too slow for distributing real-time data streams.[20]

In this respect, Streamr's approach differs from that of IOTA, a different cryptocurrency based platform, which uses a non-blockchain distributed ledger for both data and payments.[21] [22][23]

Corporate move and restructuring

During 2017, Streamr Network AG was established in Zug, Switzerland, by the partners of Helsinki, Finland based limited company Streamr Oy. Streamr Network AG acquired all rights to the Streamr name and trademarks. The original Finnish company was renamed Data in Chains Oy.[24][8]

The old company, now Data in Chains oy, had previously developed a centralized, currently operational version of Streamr's planned technology.

After the restructuring, in the fall of 2017, Streamr AG arranged a crowdfunding, or Initial coin offering (ICO). The crowdfunding relied on the sales of an ERC20-based token, at a set price. The sale was based on development milestones laid out in the company's whitepaper, which the company states will create the promised decentralized platform. The company later specified focusing on first building a decentralized marketplace.

The crowdfunding took place on a platform provided by the Swiss company Bitcoin Suisse, which enabled practices such as Know your customer.[25][26] The funding collected 25 million euros. Streamr declared the crowdfunding a success and has moved on to develop the planned platform.[27]

Attempts at self-regulation by ICO funded businesses are based on concern around regulation, according to which crowdfunding with currencies might be considered trading regulated financial instruments.[28][29]


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