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Template:Third-party Template:Infobox organization Studies Centre for Social Action (Centre d'Etudes pour l'Action Sociale), CEPAS, has since 1965, soon after independence, promoted equitable development in the Democratic Republic of Congo through its socio-economic and political studies. It is a development centre run by the Central African Province of the Society of Jesus in the Catholic Church.[1]

Currently the priority themes addressed by CEPAS include decentralization, accountability of public authorities, civic education, natural resource governance, peace and reconciliation, gender balance, and poverty reduction.[no citations needed here]

Support for CEPAS comes from Misereor (Germany), Carême (Switzerland), Alboan and Entreculturas (Spain). CEPAS collaborates with World Vision, OSISA and SARW (South Africa), the Carter Center (USA), Rodhecic, Episcopal Commission for Natural Resources, the DRC Ministry of Finance and Central Bank, and CADICEC.[2]


Besides its main publication Congo-Afrique[3], it also publishes Zaire-Afrique.[4]