Super Mario 64 (Glitches)

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Glitches in the 3D Platformer game Super Mario 64[1] Have always been famous across YouTube, Social media sites, and the internet itself. This article is about the glitches inside the game. Just go ahead and delete the page, I don't care if you do or not

Backwards long jumping

The backwards long jump has most commonly been used for skipping past barriers in the game (e.g, skipping 50 star door with 30 stars) To perform this glitch,[2] you need to be at the place where you wish to use this glitch then make sure the camera is facing Mario, then perform a long jump while pulling back on the analog stick (Sorry DS users) and then the moment he hits the stairs, repeatedly press A on the control pad. If you did this correctly you will pass through the door and go up the stairs until Mario hits the wall.