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Patrick O'Boyle more commonly known as Supervisor O'Boyle is a fictional character in the American situation comedy The King of Queens. The character is portrayed by Sam McMurray whose stand-up comedy provided the comedic themes and general style of the show surrounding events at IPS.

O'Boyle is section supervisor for the fictional International Parcel Service (a parody of United Parcel Service) and is Doug's boss and friend throughout most of the show, whom he mostly refers to as "Heffernan".


O'Boyle is introduced in season one, in episode "Art House", where he's talking to Doug over the truck-radio, telling him to speed up his route. During the same episode he mentioned serving in World War II in the US 42nd Infantry Brigade. He has a brother named Jack O'Boyle, who was supervisor at IPS before him, but was cut out in the same episode he first appeared.[1]


O'Boyle is almost in every IPS scene, where he usually brief the drivers on their route for the day, drinks coffee, and speaks over the phone from his office. He first meets Doug when his sneaking into the building, pretending to work there, to impress his new girlfriend Carrie. After realizing Doug doesn't work there, Doug begs him to give him a real chance, which he does, and Doug would continue to work at IPS throughout the whole series. It was one of many favors O'Boyle would do for Doug, another example of this is when Doug is forced to get his cousin Danny an interview at IPS; not only does he agree to interview Danny, but also not to hire him, per Doug's request, as he doesn't want Danny working with him. Doug eventually feels so bad, he goes back to O'Boyle and ask if he could re-interview Danny, with the intention of hiring him, which he also does. He also insures Doug got his job back, after leaving several times, because he was refused promotion.[2]

Personal life

O'Boyle is an recovering alcoholic, which he mentions in episode "S'no Job", when Doug, without knowing about this, gives him whiskey and other alcoholic pleasures. Even though his wife is rarely mentioned, he has a one, including two kids, who is also rarely mentioned, but appears in one episode when Doug and Carrie meets O'Boyle at a rollercoaster park. Later in the show, O'Boyle is forced to check himself into rehab, after admitting his weakness or love for alcohol, and was caught fooling around with some of his bosses wife's. In the short clip featuring his rehab visit, he also talks about his childhood struggles with his father. He is also a gambling addict, but this only mentioned; never shown.[3]


Besides Doug, O'Boyle is friends with almost all of the IPS drivers in his section. He is also very close to Deacon Palmer, a close friend of Doug's, who worked at IPS before Doug did, and is one of his oldest comrades.[4]


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