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Susanne Benton
Born Susanne Helena Hildur
(1948-02-03) February 3, 1948 (age 73)
Other names Stanley Susanne Benton

Susanne Benton (neé Hildur born February 3, 1948) is a Canadian actress known for her film roles as General Dreedle's WAC in Catch-22 (1970) and Quilla June Holmes in A Boy and His Dog (1975). In 1972, she appeared in the Andy Griffith film The Strangers in 7A, credited under her birth name, Susanne Hildur. She also used that alias when appearing in Barnaby Jones a year later.


Benton was born in Canada and her father, who raised her, was a jazz pianist.[1] Benton's mother left the family after she separated from her husband when Benton was two.[1] She became convinced at the age of six that she would become a major star.[2] She also believed that she would die before she reached her 28th birthday.[2] In adulthood, she was eventually reunited with her mother and lived for a year with her in Canada.[1]

During her early roles she refused to disrobe for her parts, despite the requests of her Universal Studios bosses.[3] She often expressed the need to walk and felt unwell when she couldn't walk due to working on set.[4]

Selected filmography


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