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Syed Chand Patel (born 7 March 1943, in Telangana, Dominion of India) was an Indian philanthropist, humanitarian and a social reformer. Mr Chand Patel Sahab was called the Shaan-E-Deccan” for his contribution towards the community and preserving the secular fabric of city of Hyderabad.

Syed Chand Patel was a leader who advocates the development of minorities and backward societies and was considered as force against communal politics.

Childhood & Early Life

Born into Muhammad’s family i.e. “Syed” in British India where his father was landlord (Patel) and his mother was well known for her generosity helping the people in need and Syed Chand Patel has got both virtues (Piousness and Generosity) from his parents. He was second child to their Syed’s clan and was named after Muhammad's eldest grandson “Hasan” meaning “Handsome” and was officially named as “Syed Hasanuddin Ghori”.

Mr Patel was tall, and his mother used to call him as “Chand” an Urdu word describing moon with love. People used to refer him as Chand like his mother rather calling his real name and his father was landlord with title Patel and has been called as “Chand Patel” and known by this name. Syed Chand Patel went to Kachiguda Public School and educator K M Arifuddin (Chairman of Madina Education Society) was his childhood friend and schoolmate.

During his twenties, Mr Patel has established his own mining firm and he became successful mining entrepreneur. He built his villa named “Qamer Manzil” and dedicated this to his mother “Qamerunissa” and he his wife also happens to share exactly the same name as his mother name. During late 60’s he was very few to own their own telecom landline in Hyderabad and telephone number he owns has only four digits i.e.“8908”and then followed by 5 digits “71908” and so on. He was also very few to own brand new Premier Padmini (fiat car) when it get launched.

Later life

Syed Chand Patel was successful businessman but due to high level of corruption in mining field, he left the mining business and established his own Brick manufacturer firm in Secunderabad suburb called Chengicherla which is now converted into reputed farmhouse with Mango and Guava trees.

Syed Chand Patel was known in Hyderabad for his generosity to help the people in need without letting know his own family members. He raises the community issues at National and State level and even help the local leaders to win elections in Lok Sabha and State Assembly. Mr V Hanumanth Rao was one of the leaders who Mr Patel Sahab has personally nourished him to achieve the positions in Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and also assisted M. Anjan Kumar Yadav to win his Secunderabad Lok Sabha seat in 2004 for INC by defeating Bandaru Dattatreya of BJP.

Mr Patel was always against three C’s in politics i.e. “Corruption, Communalism and Casteism” which he believes goes hand in glove and has spreads all levels of State and Indian bureaucracy and if this is not stop on time and eventually will destroy this great nation India.

Being a dedicated family and a business man, he prefer to work for the community and people covertly rather showing off. He rejected various offer from INC to be official public representative but he prefers to be INC lawmaker shaping the secular credentials of the oldest political party of India.

Political & Community Service

Syed Chand Patel Sahab was an active Indian National Congress (INC) lawmaker who provided useful contribution towards INC strategic planning towards minorities of India. During the time of Mrs Indira Gandhi, Mr Rajiv Gandhi then followed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi, he has played crucial role assisting INC succeed at national and state level elections. Syed Chand Patel Sahab strongly condemns Mr Narsimha Rao then Prime Minister of India when Babri Masjid was demolished by communal forces leaded by BJP. He also pointed the dire consequences to the INC strategic planners for their inability to take action against the perpetrator who demolished national heritage of 465 year mosque and not able to maintain law and order in a state and nationwide.

During festive or political season, when political leaders or community leaders of Hyderabad city are busy focusing on their own communities (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Chistians, Tribals) inform of votes bank and even some tries to tarnish the secular fabric of historic city Hyderabad, Syed Chand Patel Sahab has played a crucial role in maintaining a harmony in Hyderabad. He not only engages with all communities but has a strong dominance among their leaders and People and strived his best to make his motherland a better place for the future generations to come. Not only Mr Patel Sahab not only in touch with religious leaders (Muslim Imams and Hindu Priests) but also have strong relationship and massive respect with state bureaucrats (IAS, IPS) and state assembly members (MLA’s).

To raise the concerns of minority and backward community, Mr Patel was in regular touch with prominent national leaders and national strategic planner like Syed Mukassir Shah (chairman of the Legislative Council), Ghulam Nabi Azad (Congress), Rajesh Pilot (Congress), Syed Shabuddin (MP), Kanshi Ram (Bahujan Samaj Party) to name few. In 1990’S with the help of his close friend CLN Gandhi (Transport Commissioner), Mr Patel has shaped the transport system of Andhra Pradesh by suggesting to banned the heavy vehicles (Lorries, Private buses etc.) during peak hours of Hyderabad city and place a proposal for less levy applied to heavy commercial vehicles. By bringing this law, not only State of Andhra Pradesh saw fewer accidents during busy peak hours but also able to control the Hyderabad city traffic. State transport of Andhra Pradesh has unanimously elected Mr Patel as general secretary for the state


Mr Patel was passionate about farming, wearing hand spun Khadi and possessing unique revolver. In early 80’s, He visited Singapore to purchase American made revolver Smith & Wesson as during that time it was allowed to import guns from specific foreign countries.

Mr Patel has planted more than 200 mango trees and 100 guava trees in his farm house of 12 acres located at 5 km from Hyderabad. For more than 15 years, Mr Patel has personally cultivated paddy crop and use to get rice, sunflower oil, vegetables and fruits from his own farmhouse for his family day to day consumption. At the moment, his farmhouse is now taking care by his family members.

From his late 30’s to his last day, he has preferred hand spun Khadi as clothing with clolor white and khakhi beige which he has worn during his most of his life.

Personal Life & Legacy

Mr Patel was a religious man and performed Hajj with his family members. Under his leadership, He has renovated and expanded old Qutub Shahi Masjid also known as Amberpet Bade Masjid to Modern design masjid to become second largest mosque in the city after Mecca Masjid of Charminar which accommodates more than 1,000 worshipers. He also laid down the education foundation for the Muslim Community and constructed Osmania Public School during the expansion of Qutub Shahi Masjid which is adjacent to the mosque[1]

Mr Chand Patel represented Indian Muslims but also assisted the poor and downtrodden communities.

Mr Patel makes several donations towards wedding of poor girls, works on empowerment of women, upliftment of education standards, building schools and religious places. His wife and children only came to know after he died through the people, societies and organization that he helped in his entire life.

Islamic scholar of Hyderabad Moulana Aqeel Sahab has praised Mr Chand Patel as real leader of Ummah who loved not only by Muslims by people of all faiths and this is what actually Muslim leader is all about. Moulana further elaborates his praise by saying “A strong leader with shining armour” as moulana was referring to Mr Patel’s Sahab revolver.

People and leaders of all faiths come to residence of Mr Chand Patel to resolve the minor to complex issues and there was never been a case where people were disappointed with his judgements.


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