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Template:Infobox music genre Symphonic techno (also known as symphonic acid[no citations needed here]) combines elements of electronic dance music such as techno, ambient, drum and bass with progressive rock, neo-classical music using the classical orchestration techniques.[no citations needed here]

This term was originally coined by a Japanese composer AQi Fzono to describe the sound of his fifth album Cosmology (1998). In this album Fzono used various new and old synthesizers, samplers, keyboards (including pipe organs, harpsichords), and theremin, and portrayed the theme "transcend time and space". The symphonic poem-like suite style that can be heard in some progressive rock (especially symphonic rock) albums was utilized from sheer necessity, but it actually gave birth to this revolutionary methodology. Even though "techno music with symphonic arrangement" had existed in the past, Cosmology by AQi Fzono is thought to be the first of its kind[no citations needed here] that created a total symphonic poem by adopting the suite-like style and associating all the songs organically.

In a broad sense, symphonic techno can be interpreted as the music that "combines symphonic rock and techno”, but according to Fzono, it is "hotchpotch of Techno" that combines together and "synthesizes" many different musical elements using the electronic musical instruments like synthesizer. This methodology can be found in the last installment of symphobient Trilogy Cathedral by AQi Fzono released in 1995.[no citations needed here]

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