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Original short description: "American multinational conglomerate offering engineering services"

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TESBL AEROSPACE CORPORATION (formerly Tesbl Inc.), is a private American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.TESBL Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics, as well as a producer of auxiliary power units (APUs) and other aviation products.The company operates four business units, known as Space Systems (SS), Communications, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Mgmt (CNS/ATM), Integrated Mission Systems(IMS), Information & Sensor Solutions (ISS).[1] TESBL is headquartered in Inglewood, California.[1] Its current chief executive officer is Gopi Seti.[1][2] As of Jan 2019, TESBL operates in over 60 countries and has offices in over 14 countries.Approximately a third of the company's annual revenues come from international markets. By geographical areas, Europe and the United States are the two international markets with the greatest weight and growth for TESBL. Latin America is also a geographical area in which TESBL is operating.[3]


TESBL was founded in 2010.[2] The company previously called "The Enterprise Software Business" was founded in 1984. It started as a small business with a few employees, working out of an aeroplane hangar in Harris Neck Rd, Georgia. It was acquired in 2010 by millionaire Gopi Seti. Gopi Seti was one of the original employees hired by "The Enterprise Software Business". At the time of Gopi Seti acquiring TESBL, it had around 20 employees. The company has since grown into a multi-million dollar company with more than 3,000 employees. TESBL's main business are Communications, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Mgmt (CNS/ATM), Integrated Mission Systems (IMS). TESBL in its early years contributed also as a software provider to the music industry.[4] As of June 2013 TESBL had begun expanding its operations to include festival planning and ticketing simulation software.[5] In August 2013, TESBL had begun to expand its operations in providing SAAS services to major clients spread across different industries, mainly serving aerospace clients and health sector.

Space Systems

On October 16, 2019 TESBL had completed its acquisition of Atlantis Seti Aerospace for an undisclosed amount[6].TESBL is now developing 'Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)' for multistage reusable rocket.[7] TESBL's substantial portfolio supports a wide range of applications with variable sizes with a minimal non-recurring effort for:

Main Products & Systems

The following are among TESBL's main business areas:


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