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Tabetha S. Boyajian is an astronomer and post-doctoral fellow at Yale University.[1] She is the lead author of the September 2015 paper Where's the Flux? which investigates the highly unusual light curve of KIC 8462852;[2] the star has been colloquially named Tabby's Star in her honor.[3]

In 2009, Boyajian received a Ph.D. from Georgia State University, for which she studied the sizes of nearby stars similar to the Sun, using the University's CHARA array, a long-baseline optical and infrared interferometer. She was awarded a NASA Hubble Fellowship, and stayed at Georgia to study sizes of nearby stars much smaller than the Sun and stars with planets.[4][5] Fellow astronomer Sarah Ballard has used Boyajian's "truly remarkable"[6] work creating this "precious sample"[6] of data on nearby small stars for the "characterization by proxy" method to help investigate the far more distant exoplanet Kepler-61b.[6][7]


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