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Talalima Mobley
File:Talalima Mobley July 2015.png
Talalima Mobley at the inaugural New York Fashion Week Men's, July 2015.
Born Talalima Giorgio Mobley
(1990-04-04) April 4, 1990 (age 31)
Oakland, California, U.S.
Occupation Opinion leader, Int'l socialite, Event Journalist
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Talalima Giorgio Mobley, also known as talamobley, is an American opinion leader for Music Fashion, an international socialite, and the Chief Event Journalist at StyleHeirs.com – an online portfolio providing vetted narrative reviews to high-profile events. Specifically, Talalima has covered events for the fashion and music industry in various cities throughout the world.

On the fourth day of April in 1990, Talalima was introduced to the world in Oakland, California[1] as Giorgio Talalima Sizemore. Since birth, individual style has been his main mission – simply because it’s very tough sharing the spotlight with his older twin brother, Kenese aka dj Fresh(Ness).[2] When his Mother remarried, he was given the opportunity to choose and changed his legal given names to Talalima Giorgio and carried his new Father's surname, Mobley.

Writing journal entries was an expressive outlet gifted to Talalima by his Mother for his baptism into the Mormon Church at the age of 8. According to a 4th-grade entry, his biggest concern was finding creative ways to earn money. For example, selling his Tommy Hilfiger gear was a playground highlight, along with selling boondoggle-keychains and origami’s that he and his friends made together. Creative problem solving and his innate abilities combined with entrepreneurial motives have fueled Talalima’s successes.

In 2007, he coined the texting shorthand phrase ‘WYD’ – which means “what’re you doing” – that has now become commonly used in tweets, memes and even verbal communication around the globe. Carbon copy tweets were another online trend he started. In a sense, Talalima has already influenced the world in communication by how we interact with each other online.

After completing both High School and a 2-year humanitarian service project in Guatemala,[3] Talalima attended his first fashion show in September 2012, with an informal invite from Marlon Gobel – who encouraged Talalima via Twitter to sneak into his presentation.[4] In 2013, he attended 22 fashion shows[5] – and formed StyleHeirs.com to host his written online reviews. New York Fashion Week gave Talalima a thirst for more and he has now attended Fashion Week in not only New York City, but also Miami,[6] Zürich,[7] Seoul,[8] Honolulu,[9] and even Cuba for the CHANEL x Karl Lagerfeld exhibit.[10] In music, he’s been granted press access to One Direction,[11] The Weeknd,[12] OneRepublic,[13] and much more. His most memorable concert was meeting with Rihanna in Auckland, New Zealand for her Diamond World Tour.[14]

Fashion documentaries have been an obsession for Talalima since the release of Loïc Prigent’s documentary "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton." Much to his surprise, Talalima was briefly highlighted in the recent new documentary titled Fresh Dressed[15] by Sacha Jenkins. Another historic moment for Talalima was interviewing film director Jennie Livingston at The Sundance Film Festival in 2015 before she reintroduced her award-winning documentary Paris Is Burning[16].

There have been countless brands that have benefitted from Talalima’s work, such as Fiji Water – when they invited him to experience Fiji[17]Michael Kors, Tiffany & Co., Scooter Braun Projects, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and even Universal Music to name a few.