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Tapan Bagchi
Native name তপন বাগচী
Born (1967-10-23) October 23, 1967 (age 53)
Madaripur District, Bangladesh
Alma mater University of Dhaka
Occupation Poet

Tapan Bagchi (born 23 October 1967) is a Bangladeshi poet, rhyme composer, researcher, and journalist. He is a major poet of his times in the Bengali language.

His mother Jyotirmoyee Bagchi is a housewife and his father Tustocharan Bagchi was graduated from the University of Dhaka and served the nation as a gazetted officer. Bagchi's wife Keya Bala is a member of BCS (general education) cadre service. They are the parents of Tuneer Bagchi and Dwitiya Bagchi Chhuti. Poet Tapan Bagchi has four books of poems. He has written almost 32 books in various issues. These are published from the prominent publishing house of Bangladesh such as Bangla Academy, Nazrul Institute, MMC, BCDJC etc.


Bagchi studied in Kadambari High School- Madaripur, Govt Rajendra College-Faridpur and Dhaka University. He has an MA degree in Mass communication and Journalism from the University of Dhaka. He earned his PhD degree in Traditional Communication by doing research under the supervision of renowned Lalon-researcher Professor Dr. Abul Ahsan Chowdhury and Poet Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman.


Bagchi is a Research Scholar by profession. He is now working as a Deputy Director in the Department of Research Compilation & Folklore of Bangla Academy. He worked at World Literature Centre, MassLine Media centre, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Press Institute (PIB), The daily Amader Shomoy, Other Vision Communication (OVC), The Weekly 2000, Ekushey Television and The daily Prothom Alo.

Writings and publications

Books of poems

  • Sakol Nadir nam Ganga Chhilo (A collection of poems), Gatidhara Prokashoni, Dhaka, 2007
  • Antohin Kshater Gavire (A collection of poems), Bishaka Prokashoni, Dhaka, 2005
  • Shmashaneyi Shuni Shankhodhwani (A collection of Poems), Young Writer Project, Bangla Academy, Dhaka, 1996
  • Ketokir Proti Pakshopat (A collection of Poems), Bishaka Prokashani, Dhaka, 1996

Books on mass communication and journalism

  • Trinomul Sangbadikotar Unmesh O Bikash (Origin and Development of Grassroots Journalism), MMC, Dhaka, 2000
  • Nirbachon Saangbadikata (Reporting Techniques on Election Issues), BCDJC, Dhaka, 2001

Books on research

  • Chalochchitrer Gaane Doctor Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Bangladesh Film Archive, Dhaka, 2010
  • Lokosahityer Kotipoya Path (Study on Folklore), Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2008
  • Bangladesher Jatragan : Janomadhyam o Samajik Paroprekshit, Bangla Academy, Dhaka, 2007
  • Rudra Muhammad Shahidulla: Chandrahata Aviman (Criticism of Rudra’s Poems), Chitra Prokasani, Dhaka, 2002, Research
  • Sahityer Saamprotik Path (Study on Recent Literature), Proteeti Publication, Dhaka, 2001
  • Biplab Dus (Biography of a Writer), Bangla Academy, Dhaka, 2001
  • Kazi Nazruler Kabitay Shabdalanker (The Science of Rhetoric in Nazrul's poems), Nazrul Institute, Dhaka, 200108.Dhaka 12.Mahanagorir Bonya Ashrayakendra (A survey on Flood-shelters in Dhaka City in 1998), MMC, Dhaka, 1999
  • Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah (Biography of a Poet), Bangla Academy, Dhaka, 1998
  • Charhasahityer Kirtiman Kandari Rabbani Choudhurir Antarbiswa, Uthshow, Dhaka 2006

Books of rhymes

  • Samokal Tamokale (A collection of Rymes), Siddikia Publications, Dhaka, 2010
  • Khachchhe Lutoputi (A collection of Rymes), Jyotiprokash, Dhaka, 2009
  • Monga Ashe Ghorer Pashe (A collection of Rymes) Jyotiprokash, Dhaka, 2008
  • Rater Bela Bhuter Khela (A collection of Rymes), Shova Prokash, Dhaka, 2008
  • Dhaka-Landon Email Chhara (A collection of Rymes with Rabbani Choudhury), Utsho Prokashon, Dhaka, 2007
  • Charkaburi Oray Ghuri (A collection of Juvenile Poems), Bishaka Prokashani, Dhaka, 1995
  • Rukhe Danrai Borgi Tarai (A collection of Rhymes), Karnofulir Desh Prokashani, Chittagonj, 1994

Book of stories

  • Shuvor Shakher Goendagiri, Jyotsna Publishers, Dhaka, 1993, Juvenile stories

Books on compilations

  • Radharamoner Gaan (Song of Radharaman Dutta Purakayashta), Barnayan, Dhaka, 2009,
  • Anandanath Royer Faridpurer Itihas (History of faridpur by Anandanath Roy), Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2007
  • Ekusher Notun Kovita (New poems on mother language movement), Shahityamala, Dhaka, 1992, Collection of Poems

Research consultancy

  • Study on Media Laws and Policies for the Middle East and Maghreb (Bangladesh Part) (2002) funded by the Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research, London, UK
  • The Life and Lifestyle of the Bangladeshi Folk Theatre Artists (2003) funded by Research Initiatives of Bangladesh (RIB), Dhaka.

Introduction to books by other writers

  • 'Muktijuddhe Bogra' By Selina Sheuly, Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Mukunda Dus-er Gan : Swarolipi' By Dr. Gokul Biswas, Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Chhtoder Charansamrat Mukunda Dus' By Dr. Gokul Biswas, Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Gopalgan Zillar Itihas o Sangskriti' by Rabindranath Adhikary, Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Bogra Zillar Muktijuddher Itihas' by Selina Sheuly, Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Meherpur Zillar Itihas o Oitijjya' by Tozammel Azam, Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Brotoparban o Bangalosamaj' by Kanakkanti Dus, Shovaprokash, Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Uttar Janapad : Loksangskirir Anginay', by Samar Paul, Shovaprokash, Dhaka, 2008
  • 'Sekaler Chhara Ekeler ChhaRa' edited by Naser Mahmud, Barnayan, Dhaka, 2008
  • 'Premer Kabita' edited by Zabed Imon, Muktodesh Prokashoni, Dhaka, 2007
  • 'Muksudpuree Muktijuddha' by Firoj Ahmed, ..., Dhaka, 2009
  • 'Bangladesher Hazong Samproday' by Ali Ahammad Khan Ayobe, Sucheepatra, Dhaka, 2006
  • 'Sanataon Dharmo : Mot o Motantor' by Ranojit Kar, Sucheepatra, Dhaka, 2006
  • 'Poems' by Dr. Mutakabbir Masud, Srimangal, Moulovibazar, 2008
  • 'Kabyanikunja', by ..., Gatidhara, Dhaka, 2007


  • Munir Chowdhury Literary Award, Sangkriti Samsad, Dhaka, 1991
  • Jasimuddin Literary Award, Jasimuddin Parishad, Faridpur, 1996
  • Fortnightly Muksudpur Sambad Reception, Fortnightly Muksudpur Sambad, Muksudpur, Gopalganj, 2007
  • Mahadiganta Literary Award, Mahadiganta Shahityapatra, Kolkata, India, 2008
  • Zemcon Literary Award (Former Daily Ajker Kagoj Literary Award), Dhaka, 2008
  • JatraSamrat Amalendu Biswas Memorial Award, Amalendu Biswas Welfare Foundation, Dhaka, 2008
  • Surhid Parshad Education Award, Surhid Parshad, Rajoir, Madaripur, 2008
  • M Nurul Quader Juvenile Literature Award, M Nurul Quader Foundation, Dhaka, 2008
  • Sunil Gangopadhya Literature Award, Sunil Gangopadhya Parishad, Madaripur, 2008


Poetry, Journalism, Research, ICT, Folklore, Music


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