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Teman is the land Tema (Tayma) in North West Saudi Arabia which was the kingdom of the Qedarite confederacy. The word Tema and Teman are used interchangeably.[1][2] In the poem of Amr ibn Laja' he claims victory against Madhhij in Tema and another verse mention victory over Madhij in Teman. [3]

In "Lisan Arab" and all Arabic etymology dictionaries state Teman means "towards Yemen"[4]

Mr. Bashear in his comprehensive review of the term Teman states that it was a name of places outside of Yemen, but spot Hijaz all the way to Teman, the only road to Yemen. There is a small town of recent name Teman east of Yemen, but still means towards Yemen to the west. [5]

Teman was also a name of a place half way between Mecca and Medina , even Teman was an old name of Mecca. [6]

The Bible commentary on Isaiah's "Vision of Arabia" states Teman is "The land of Tema" "The southern country" - Θαιμαν, Sept.; Austri, Vulg. They read תימן teiman". [7] the LXX (The Greek translation of the Pentateuch dated 300 B.C.) everywhere write the word Tema as though it had been same as teman. [8]

In recent discovery in the Dead Sea Scrolls , a letter from King Nabonidus states he lives in Teman while he was living in Tema. [9]


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