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Ten Square Games, a Polish online and mobile game development company.[1] Its main activity is developing stand-alone games for social networking websites, as well as browser and mobile games. All games use the free-to-play model.


The most popular games by Ten Square Games are Let’s Fish (Polish: Na Ryby),[2] a fishing simulator, and Let’s Farm (Polish: Ale Folwark). Both games are available on web browsers and Let’s Fish has been developed for iOS, a mobile platform.[3] Currently the company is developing the following new titles: Let’s Hunt, a 3D hunting simulator, and Jungle Wars, a strategic game with advanced social functions, among others.


The company was founded by Maciej Popowicz, one of the founders of nk.pl Nasza-klasa.pl, Arkadiusz Pernal, former CEO of nk.pl, and Janusz Dziemidowicz. Currently it employs 70 people.[4] In 2013, Ten Square Games was a partner of HackWro, a series of meetings for programmers and graphic artists[5] and the organiser of Free2Play Academy,[6] a series of courses for game designers.

Games developed

  • Let’s Fish
  • Let’s Farm
  • Mushroom Hunt
  • The Robinsons
  • Space Defense
  • Apple Squash

Games in development

  • Let’s Hunt
  • Jungle Wars
  • Let’s Fish for mobile devices

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