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Thavet Atlas (pseudonym; real name Esper Thompson, born in Tartu on 17 May 1963) is an Estonian poet and prose writer.

Creative activity

  • “A Voice in the Wilderness” (2007) [1] – collection of poems
  • “Gallery of Frameless Paintings” (2011) – collection of poems
  • “With Life Ticket from Russia for 99.99”(2013) [2] – novel [3]
  • “Band-shell of Horrors on the Roof of Tartu Town Hall” (2014) [4] – novel in stories
  • “A Hundred of Enchanted Smokes”(2016) [5] – novel [6]
  • “What God Do You Worship?”(2017) [7] – collection of poems

Translations into other languages

His poems have been translated into Russian by Boriss Baljasnõi and Nadežda Katajeva-Valk. [8]

His prose texts have been translated into Russian by Marina Tervonen.

Work published in collections

  • “Музыка перевода II”(Music of Translation), Moscow[9]
  • Poetry Spring 2011, “To Henna”, p. 40
  • “Музыка перевода V”(Music of Translation), Moscow[10]
  • “Музыка перевода VI”(Music of Translation), Moscow[11]
  • Periodical "Creation" („Looming”) – 2015/10 [12]
  • Periodical "Creation" („Looming”) – 2016/8 [13]
  • Periodical "Creation" („Looming”) – 2017/6 [14]
  • Periodical „Tallinn” –2018/3-4
  • Periodical "Creation" („Looming”) – 2019/1 [15]


The poems of Thavet Atlas were also entered for the “Music of Translation” contest in 2010. The poems were translated by Boriss Baljasnõi.[9][16]

According to the evaluations of website readers, the translations of four poems of Thavet Atlas won the 5th, 6th, 14th and 75th place in the fifth “Music of Translation” (“Музыка перевода”) contest in Moscow (in 2013). The poems were translated into Russian by Nadežda Katajeva-Valk.[17] Two of them (“My Cemetery, My Moonshine Apparatus” and “Woman Like a Piano”) were published in the poetry collection of the contest.[10]

According to the evaluations of website readers, the translations of three poems of Thavet Atlas won the 14th, 55th and 75th place in the sixth “Music of Translation” (“Музыка перевода”) contest (in 2014). One of them, “Mournfully fluffy like” (“Грустно - пушистый лайк”) was published in the poetry collection of the contest.[11]

According to the evaluations of readers, in the “Stalker” contest organised annually by the Estonian Science Fiction Association “Band-shell of Horrors on the Roof of Tartu Town Hall” won a prize in the category: the best novel from an Estonian author.[18]

Personal life

Thavet Atlas is married and has three children.


• A poem about deportation: “A Nation’s Coma” (“Rahvuse kooma”) in “Treatment of poetry on subjects of Estonian history on the principle of concentric integration on the upper secondary level” – Master’s thesis of Liina Saksing, Department of Estonian, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tartu, supervisor PhD Mart Velsker[19]


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