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The Political Process is a 2019 government simulation game from Verlumino Studios LLC, in which the player leads a campaign to run for various political offices of the United States. The player accomplishes this goal by campaigning, releasing marketing material and raising polls to win various elections. The game was released on Steam early access on November 22, 2019.[1][2]


The Political Process is based on the American political system in which a player can create a custom Politician, choosing a district from all states and counties, customising the world and running for any Political Office. As an incumbent of a particular political office, the player can write legislation and balance the budget. The player's decisions and actions has consequences which influence their approval ratings and voter turnout. A dictator mode is also available where players can play as President for an unlimited time, passing legislation and controlling the budget without interference from Congress.[3]

Playable position

Players have the ability to play various political positions:

Others include Campaign Committee Chairperson.[3]

Developments and updates

Since the game is on early access, features of the game changes over time and is constantly updated.[5] The developer also welcomes suggestions from players.[6]


Overall, the game has overwhelming positive reviews on Steam which maintains a 10/10 rating from over 600 reviews.[7]


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