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Template:Infobox podcast The Rap Battle is a comedic video series uploaded onto YouTube by MrDeshawnRaw that revolves around Supa Hot Fire, a supposedly unbeatable battle rapper. The series is based on the premise of battle rapping, where the winner is generally audience-chosen; much of the comedy in the series is based around the idea that Supa Hot, despite having a sluggish non-sequitur flow, has a large entourage who ecstatically picks him as the winner even when his opponents display more rapping skill.


  • Supa Hot Fire (portrayed by Deshawn Raw) - A supposedly unbeatable and ever-modest MC, who repeatedly claims that he is not in fact a rapper. He is often referred to as Glasses Jacket Shirt Man, a nickname based on his standard outfit.
  • Groupies - Supa Hot's group of friends, known for yelling "Oh!" after he successfully beats an opponent in battle.
  • B-Bone (portrayed by B-Bone225) - Supa Hot's first opponent, whom he beats using his well-known saying, "Psych! That's the wrong number!"
  • Mute Spittah (portrayed by StarLifepro) - A battle rapper who does not speak, instead performing with exaggerated gestures and body language. He becomes an ally of Supa Hot Fire in the third installment, after being introduced in the second video.
  • Chunk and Dirty (portrayed by Ricky Shucks and Tim Chantarangsu, respectively) - A fictional rap duo that battles Supa Hot and Mute Spittah.
  • Tremendous Repeat (portrayed by Chris Rock) - A fan of the New York Knicks who attempts to defeat Supa Hot Fire in the fourth part.
  • Agent (portrayed by Greg Benson) - Tremendous Repeat's agent and sidekick.
  • Soulja Boy - The only rapper ever to have beaten Supa Hot Fire in battle.
  • MrDeshawnRaw (portrayed by Deshawn Raw) - The uploader of the videos, who appears as himself. He gets into a fight with Supa Hot.
  • Hopsin - The final opponent of Supa Hot, appearing in the latest installment.


Part 1

The series began on May 25, 2011, with THE RAP BATTLE [PARODY]. The video is a supposed episode in a rap battle series called "Prime Time Rapping", where the MC introduces the two contestants: challenger B-Bone, whose name is routinely misspoken, and champion Supa Hot Fire, who is currently unbeaten over more than 300 million battles, but repeatedly notes that despite this, he is not a rapper. It quickly becomes apparent that the battle is anything but fair: Supa Hot has a large entourage opposing B-Bone's single friend, the MC notes that Supa Hot always goes first, and as Supa Hot delivers a strange, inert, non-threatening verse, his entourage bursts out cheering after each line, much to B-Bone's bewilderment. Conversely, B-Bone's tighter rhymes are visibly ignored, with little to no reaction. Supa Hot then delivers his final verse entirely in onomatopoeia and dives into the frenzied crowd, as the MC announces him as the winner.

Some of the phrases in the video, like "Psych! That's the wrong number!" and the entourages cheering after each verse went viral.[1][2]

Part 2

On August 9, 2011, THE RAP BATTLE 2 [PARODY], was uploaded. The episode featured Supa Hot Fire battle rapping Mute Spittah (portrayed by StarLifepro), a mute battle rapper.[3] The video has received over 5 million video views.

Part 3

On October 18, 2011, THE RAP BATTLE PT.3 [PARODY], was uploaded, featuring Supa Hot Fire and Mute Spittah joining together to battle rap the group Chunk Dirty, a fictional battle rap duo consisting of Chunk (portrayed by Ricky "IBe Shucks" Shucks) and Dirty (portrayed by Tim Chantarangsu).

Part 4

As the series became more popular, THE RAP BATTLE PT.4 (PARODY), uploaded on March 13, 2012, would feature comedian Chris Rock.[4][5] Rock portrays Tremendous Repeat in the video, a rapper who sports a New York Knicks fan getup and repeats most of his previous statements.[6][7][8] The video also features Greg Benson who portrays Tremendous Repeat's agent and has a brief period of "dropping Tremendous' bars." The video has received 2 million views.

Part 5

On November 22, 2012, RAP BATTLE PART 5 was released, featuring Soulja Boy.[9] Soulja Boy hands Supa Hot Fire his first loss.

Part 6

In March 2013, MrDeshawnRaw deleted all of his YouTube videos off of his channel, which was later referenced in the sixth installment of the series.[10] On July 4, 2013, SUPA HOT FIRE VS DESHAWN RAW was released featuring Supa Hot Fire battle rapping against Deshawn Raw.[10] Supa Hot Fire takes his own loss away from his previous battle against Soulja Boy, and the battle ends in an apparent fist fight after Supa Hot Fire throws a punch.

Part 7

After a near two-year hiatus, the seventh installment of the series, featuring Supa Hot Fire rap battling Hopsin, was uploaded on March 21, 2015.[11] As of March 2016, the videos have once again been deleted.


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