The Triangle Pest Control Scholarship Fund

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Triangle Pest Control, a pest control exterminator located in Raleigh, North Carolina, created a scholarship fund for the 2015 academic year. The $1,000 scholarship was granted to an individual who best demonstrated excellence in academics as well as an interest in environmental education.


CEO of Triangle Pest Control, Donnie Shelton, created the scholarship fund in order to highlight individuals in North Carolina who are passionate about environmental sciences and have aspirations in pursuing a career in environmental technology.

2015 Winner

In 2015, the scholarship was awarded to Elizabeth Nowlin. Nowlin, a 2015 graduate on White Oak High School in Jacksonville, North Carolina, will be attending Duke University in the fall to study public policy and environmental science. Nowlin was quoted, "The beauty of the environmental science field is the vast array of potential careers. Though it may be subject to change, after earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I hope to work for the US Environmental Protection Agency and do my part to create policies that are responsible for aiding in the environment’s survival. I have always envisioned myself making the best choices for the earth we live in and thanks to the Triangle Pest Control Scholarship I will have the opportunity to do just that." [1]


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