The Undead Syndrome

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The Undead Syndrome is a psychological horror video game developed by Japanese independent developer MukagoSoftware Development for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Indie Games service.[1] The game was made available for purchase on July 30, 2012. A sequel, The Undead Syndrome 2, was released on April 28, 2014.[2]


In The Undead Syndrome, players assume the role of a nameless, amnesiac woman who is stabbed and killed while walking through a desolate street during the daytime. She soon awakens only to find herself unceremoniously transported into a haunted house. Unable to distinguish nightmare from reality, the woman vows to unravel the facts in relation to her death and murderer.


File:Undead Syndrome exploration.jpg
The nameless female protagonist exploring a room and viewing a fallen knife-wielder, similar to the one who she last saw alive.

The Undead Syndrome is a psychological horror video game which is controlled from an over-the-shoulder perspective. The player's primary attack consists of a mystical KI energy blast which can be launched at enemies. Drawing influences from such titles as Silent Hill, Killer7, Deadly Premonition, Parasite Eve and the D series, the game fuses elements of survival horror along with an rpg style leveling/currency system. Along the way, the player can obtain special items such as implantable crystals which can be used to enhance health, defense, mobility and resistance. Other items can be used for replishing health and KI energy, as well curing status effects. Items can be discovered via searching chests, fallen enemies or by purchasing them at shops.[3]


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