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Template:Hoax Tigenball is a sport originating from Poland. It uses a ball similar to a netball but smaller in size. It consists of a team of 8 players who have to try shoot the ball through one of the four hoops located at the centre of each side on the court. Any team can score through any hoop and each successful shot is worth 10 points. Tigenball has been played all over the world but mainly in Australia where there are many teams that compete for the Tigen Cup each year.

The 2015 Tigen Cup Winners were the Adelaide Firefighters from Poland.

Australian tigenball teams

  • Sydney Schupers
  • Brisbane Bears
  • Hobart Hillbillies
  • Darwin Dragons
  • Canberra Bulls
  • Manly Panthers
  • Adelaide Firefighters
  • Cronulla Cows
  • West Warriors
  • Melbourne Red Socks
  • North QLD Lightbulbs