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TimeTac is an online piece of time tracking and project management software, operating under the principles of cloud computing. It is offered as a software as a service and is available on a subscription basis.[1]

Company and history

TimeTac was developed by a company of the same name, in Graz, Austria, and has been publicly available since 2009 with versions to date in English and German. The developers were themselves freelancers beforehand, working across different time zones, resulting in collaboration difficulties and never accurately knowing who was working on what part of a project. Their experiences of software development and independent location working resulted in the creation of software for recording time in different environments.[2][3] The software is tailored to function in the office, as well as to those who frequently work from home or even outside of a standard office environment.[4]

  • September 2008 – Beta version released
  • June 2009 – Public release
  • August 2009 – Mobile usage operational
  • January 2010 – English version goes live
  • February 2012 – NFC time tracking options offered for the first time
  • April 2012 – Native Android app released
  • January 2013 - iOS app released

The company produces a blog on their website of current updates, as well as Beyond-9to5, a subsidiary blog site that focuses on topics relating to a work and life balance.


TimeTac allows users to track their time, allocated to specific projects and tasks, which records data for employee resource management, project timing and customer invoicing. The software is cloud based, meaning it can be accessed from any internet enabled device, such as a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

When time is recorded from any device, it is logged in the form of a timestamp. This data, which includes start times, end times, task names and durations, are then exportable via PDF, CSV and XLS, allowing integration with other programs.

Add-ons and extensions

TimeTac smartphones
The TimeTac app for Android and iOS.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC options are also available, allowing for usage on construction sites, in factories and shops, or other manual work orientated locations.[5][6]

Android and iOS Apps

In April 2012, the release of the native Android app allowed users to record time from their smartphones, without the need for a browser. Mobile time tracking can be incorporated with GPS positioning to provide more relevant data, such as distance for mileage expenses. The Android app compliments as an NFC transponder on smartphones that are NFC enabled. In January 2013, the same funcionality was brought to iOS through a dedicated app.


TimeTac has been featured on Bright Hub Project Management[4] and Zincubate[2] to date in the English language.


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