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Tony Nicholson
Nationality British
Occupation Trainer, Coach
Known for 4 Point Fitness

Tony Nicholson is a British Personal Trainer and Coach to CEO’s & Athletes in China.[1][2] Nicholson has worked with many notable people globally, including Apple CEO Tim Cook,[3][4][5] US Ambassador Gary Locke, Yao Ming, Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin.[6] Tony is known for his Health & Wellness contributions in China. His own body transformation in 2010 has been the impetus by which audiences have connected and been inspired to work on their own personal transformations.[7]

Early life

Nicholson was born to a British mother and a Brazilian father. He spent the first thirteen years of his life in Oman, where his father coached swimming and football teams. He later finished his education at a military school in the UK known as the Royal Hospital School. At the Royal Hospital School, Nicholson was awarded a scholarship to study at Hotchkiss, a boarding school in the United States.[8][7]

Nicholson was first introduced to the Chinese language in class at Hotchkiss, which opened him up to working and creating a career in China at 17 years old.[7][9][10]


Beginnings in China

At 19, Nicholson enrolled in Chaozhou college, located in provincial Guangzhou. At Chaozhou, Nicholson was the only foreign student out of a student body of nearly 13,000. After obtaining his degree, Nicholson took a job teaching basic English to workers at a cup factory. In 2007, he moved to Beijing to enroll in the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Study at Tsinghua University. After three years of Chinese Language Studies, Nicholson went to the University of International Business and Economics to study Chinese Business.[8][11]

Transition into fitness

In 2009, Nicholson’s family came under severe hardship when his father suffered a heart attack and later died. He began working long hour jobs to cope with the grief, which negatively impacted his health and left him suffering from depression. Feeling overwhelmed, Nicholson entered the Beijing 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge to make a change. At the end of the 12 weeks, Nicholson was picked out of 50 contestants and won the Grand Prize of 100,000 Chinese Renmenbi, which empowered Nicholson to launch a career in fitness.[12] His inspiration came from educators such as Tony Robbins and Stedman Graham.[6][7][13]

After earning American and British Personal Trainer certifications, Nicholson started his own fitness company in China called 4 Point Fitness. Among his fitness achievements, Nicholson has been a certified official for the world record attempt at the plank for 9 hours, 11 minutes & 1 second.[7][12]


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