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Traxo is an online travel service that detects and organizes personal travel information, including itineraries, loyalty account balances, and expiration dates, from over 190 travel sources.[1][2][3][4] Traxo is free for users and is supported by an advertising business model.[1] In 2013, the company was ranked as a "Hot Startup" by Entrepreneur, and as of October 2013, the company has raised approximately $1.5 million in seed money and a $4.2 million Series A.[5][6]

Traxo is headquartered in Dallas, TX and Andres Fabris is the current CEO.[7][8][9]


Andres Fabris first conceived of Traxo in 2003 while attending Harvard Business School. He began designing a dashboard-style travel organization service with Andy Chen and Richard Pendergast, whom he had met while working at Travelocity.[1][10][11]

The company established its office in Dallas, TX in 2008.[1][8] By 2009, the company announced the public beta launch of

The earliest prototype of Traxo was a simple travel aggregator that sent out alerts when a user’s travels overlapped with the travels of other members.[10] The site was well received in the travel technology community, and was described as having “all the makings of a useful, intuitive, and most of all, easy site for travelers,” by travel writer Christopher Elliott.[1][12]

In 2010, Traxo integrated with travel recommendation website UpTake.[13][14] This partnership was one of the first developments in a series of strategies aimed at branding Traxo as more than just a proximity alert tool.[1] In 2010, the company also introduced the Traxo Loyalty Tracker, a service that keeps track of hotel, airline, and car rental reward balances, and it became the first travel site to display this information on the same dashboard with a user's frequent flier miles and travel itinerary.[15][16][17][18]

In 2011, the company launched the Traxo Travel Score, “the official measure of one’s overall travel experience.”[2] The company later integrated with TripIt, Gowalla, and Foursquare in an effort to provide customers with an easy way to get credit for past travels and increase their scores.[19][20]

In 2012, Traxo announced the acquisition of frequent flier miles tracker[7]

In 2013, Traxo announced a $4.2m Series A strategic investment from Advantage Capital Partners, Silver Creek Ventures and Thayer Ventures.[9]


The website’s various services include:

  • Traxo Loyalty Tracker - keeps track of airline, hotel, and car rental reward balances. This information is organized on the dashboard next to the trip itinerary.
  • Traxo Travel Trophies – users earn “trophies” for states, countries, and continents they visit in their travels.[21]
  • Traxo Travel Score – calculated score between 1 and 100. Users with higher scores are rewarded with travel-related deals such as free flights, discount rental cars, and hotel specials.[2][3][4][22]
  • Traxo Express Access – streamlines linking to all of a user's loyalty account information.[5]
  • Traxo Verified Reviews - the industry's first comprehensive "verified reviews" platform for flights and hotels, designed to block fakers.
  • Traxo For Business - API and White Label for simplified open booking and expense reporting, as well as enhanced customer service.[23]

Awards and Recognition

  • May 2009—Traxo named as a Facebook Fund Finalist.[24]
  • Dec 2010—Traxo named "Most Promising" venture at Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Forum.[25]
  • Dec 2012—Traxo Wins Vator Splash NY.[26]
  • Jan 2013—Traxo named “Hot Startup” by Entrepreneur.[6]
  • Jan 2013—Traxo accepted to Bay Area Entrepreneur Workshop.[27]

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