Turkish News Network

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Turkish News Network a.k.a TNN is the name of a fictional news channel used in several films, and video games.

File:Tnn logo.png
The most well known logo of the Turkish News Network as featured on roblox.com

The brand is used prominently on the game Roblox, where TNN is featured.


The following sources feature an news network related to TNN.


TNN is featured within the RO-Nation community on the online game roblox.[1]

Other media

The version of the network is active on twitter under the handle @TNN_Roblox.[2]


TNN disagrees with the notion that Roblox is 'the new Minecraft'. They note that roblox is older than minecraft.[3]


A partner network is featured in the short film titled "Interview with Citizens in Ankara | Roblox" directed by Civan Efendi.[4]