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This article is about the artist. For the singer-songwriter, see Tyler Ramsey.


Tyler Capen Ramsey (born December 3, 1973) is an American painter[1] and former television producer.[2] He is known for his unique style of art in which he uses his fingers in lieu of brushes.[3] Featured in Signature Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40 Giving Back,” Ramsey has created art for the Global Creative Forum,[4] designed a line of hand-painted footwear for TOMS Shoes,[5][6] and was commissioned to create eight paintings for the United Nations to celebrate their Millennium Development Goals.[7]

Early career

Ramsey began a career in television as a production assistant on Baywatch before becoming a producer on reality television shows such as Survivor and Fear Factor.[8] After years of working in television, Ramsey decided on a career change and became an artist.


Ramsey's artwork has been described as colorful, abstract, and eclectic, and has been compared to Jackson Pollock.[9] He did not attend art school, and believes that allowed him to develop his own style.[8]

"I feel that, as an artist, I truly present something that is unique to me," Ramsey said in a 2012 interview. "There are artists who can go technically into their heads and come up with unique, wonderful ideas. In my case, what I offer is just something that's God-given, inspired by my love for people."[10]

Tyler Ramsey Painting TOMS Shoes
Tyler Ramsey painting a pair of TOMS Shoes in July 2013.

Since 2006, Ramsey has been creating hand painted, limited edition shoe collections for TOMS Shoes. He has traveled around the world in support of philanthropic endeavors with the company, showcasing his art in the Philippines and South Korea. Ramsey performed live art shows, painting pairs of shoes to raise money for the Red Cross.[11]

"I just wanted to... experience as much culture and give as much of myself as I can," Ramsey said in a 2012 interview, giving his reasoning for travel as inspiration for his work.[10]

In July 2013, Ramsey confined himself in a box outside the TOMS Shoe store for 7 days. Leaving only for bathroom breaks, he painted and customized more than 100 shoes per day. Ramsey also attempted to create a world record for the longest Google hangout.[12][13]

His work has been collected by President Bill Clinton,[14] Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and actor Samuel L. Jackson. Ramsey has collaborated with actor Armie Hammer on several pieces.[15]

Other Work

In May 2013, a New York Times article chronicled Tyler's involvement in the escape of human rights activist Ali Abdulemam from Bahrain.[16]

Personal life

Ramsey is the great-grandson of author Leonidas W. Ramsey. He's currently based in Los Angeles, CA and married to Survivor: Gabon contestant Jacquie Ramsey (née Berg). Ramsey is close friends with actor Armie Hammer and introduced Hammer to his wife, Elizabeth Chambers.[17]


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