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Tyrone Rontganger became known as Mr. Leather Berlin 2012 and German Mr. Leather 2013 & 2014.[1] As such, he was the first non-white holder of a fetish title in Germany. He is also the producer of "Classic Meets Fetish",[2] an annual classical concert which takes place during Folsom Europe in September in Berlin.[2] As the German Mr. Leather contest was cancelled by the BLF (Berliner Leder und Fetisch e.V.) in 2015, he was the last to carry the title.[3] Born (*31 May 1968) in London, GB, he has been living in Berlin since 1989 where he works full-time as a translator. He is 48 years old.

Titles, awards and achievements

Chosen for the title Mr. Leather Berlin 2012 on 6 October 2012, Tyrone Rontganger won the contest German Mr. Leather 2013 six months later on 31 March 2013[4] in Berlin. As the contest was cancelled in 2014, he was asked to hold the title for one year longer and was given the official title German Mr. Leather 2013 & 2014.[5][6] In 2013 he represented Germany at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, USA, and ranked fourth, Germany's highest placement since 2001.

In April 2014, in appreciation of his charity work on their behalf, the Berliner Aidshilfe invited him as a patron to cut the ribbon at their new offices in Berlin's Kurfürstenstrasse, alongside Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin, and other gay celebrities from the Berlin community.[7]

In February 2015 he received the "Man of the Year" award at the X Awards[8] in Antwerp, Belgium, an annual award presented to role-models in the European gay-fetish community. Also at Leather Pride Belgium that year his music video, a persiflage of Jamiroquai's "Don't Give Hate A Chance".[9] made with other national European fetish titleholders, premiered to raise awareness against racism within the international gay, fetish community.

In March 2015 he was awarded a "Certificate of Recognition"[10] by the Mayor of Los Angeles, USA, for his international activism in fighting HIV and AIDS,[11] as well as for building bridges between the LGBTQ communities of Los Angeles and Berlin.

In the spring of 2015, Canadian leather designers at Stroke Gear in Quebec named a leather collection after him, "one of the sexiest leatherman" in Germany: 'The Tyrone Collection'.[12]

Charity work

Since winning the title German Mr. Leather, Tyrone Rontganger has been widely known for his charity and community work, especially in Berlin, but also across Europe[13] and partly in the USA.[14] As a qualified fitness trainer, in the spring of 2013 he organised the "Fit to Fight" fitness courses[15] to raise money for the Berliner Aidshilfe. He repeated the fitness courses one year later, shortly before Easter 2014 and donated the proceeds to the Hospiz Tauwerk.

In September 2013 he set-up the first "German Titleholders' Conference", an annual conference held in Berlin during Folsom Europe exclusively for holders of international fetish titles to raise money for the work of the Berlin order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence;[16] in 2016 he will be hosting the conference for the fourth time.

In September 2015 he produced the first "Classic Meets Fetish" classical concert. This worldwide-first, unique event was an evening of classical music played by professional musicians in fetish outfits to raise funds again for the Berliner Aidshilfe and the Hospiz Tauwerk.

Tyrone Rontganger was also responsible for the "Fetish Flashmob",[17] on behalf of the BLF e.V., at the Brandenburg Gate on Easter Saturday 2016 to raise money for LGBTQ refugees in Germany.

Press work

Tyrone Rontganger regularly publishes articles in Germany for the "Box Magazin",[18] where he has twice been featured as the cover photo. He also occasionally writes for "The Fight" magazine in Los Angeles, USA,[19] and "The Leather Journal" in San Diego, USA.[20] He has also had articles published in "Cerebral", Belgium.


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