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Unkle Adams
File:File:Unkle Adams "Enjoy Yourself" Music Video Screen Shot.jpg
Born Curtis Adams
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Occupation Template:Flatlist
Years active 2013–present
Musical artist

Curtis Adams[1] known by his stage name Unkle Adams, is a Canadian rapper and Motivational Speaker. He is known for his mission to reduce teen suicide caused by bullying through anti-bullying programs.[2][3][4] His anti-bullying song and video "I Am Stronger" has amassed over 500 thousand views.[5]

Debt issues

On February 10 2018, Adams uploaded the first in his "At Least A Million" Series in which he states he is 164,000 dollars in debt due to him trying to fund his music career.[6]

Feud with Anthony Fantano

On January 14 2017, music reviewer and YouTube personality Anthony Fantano released a video[7] in which he reacts to Unkle Adams' track "Original" which got 251, 000 views and had been highly criticized due to the silly nature of the video.[8] The video would go unnoticed by Adams until February 17 2018 when Adams released a video in his "At Least A Million" series in which he calls out Fantano for causing hate towards him and calls him "TheNeedleDick".[9] This caused fans of Fantano's channel to request Fantano to react to Adams's diss. During a live stream, Fantano got asked by one of his viewers about the situation. He responded by saying he would take down the video if Adams wanted and apologized for any hate that was spread.[10] The two eventually got together and made a video where they talk about the situation and end the feud.[11]


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