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Used Car Roadshow is a car programme that was originally aired on the Men & Motors channel,[1] but now it is also shown on ITV4. The show was presented by Penny Mallory and Jason Dawe. The shows duration per episode was one hour.


Each programme was filmed at car shows throughout the United Kingdom, where enthusiasts displayed their cars and collections, as well as some who wanted to sell and buy cars.

Penny and Jason always attempted to pick the most eye catching and unusual cars at these shows, as well as demonstrating bargains that can be had from the used car market.

Every programme had a different scenario, where a viewing member of the public looking to buy a used car. Scenarios varied from the budget-conscious student wanting to spend no more than £1500, to the mid 20 year old wanting a sports car for no more than £20,000. There are also in betweens who want something economical, or good for long distance touring, or for the family. They give Jason the specifications they want, and the things they would like and not like.

Throughout the show Jason comes up with different cars to suit the buyer's needs, summarising the positives and negatives. He often picks three cars, with one mystery car thrown in to interest the buyer. Normally the buyer is given three cars to examine and decide from with the guidance of Penny and Jason throughout, from which one has to be dropped before the other two can be tested. The test drive is normally taken with Penny on board, who gives her opinions on the car to give the buyer a better insight as to what they may want.

If the buyer decided that he/she did not like one of the cars, then Jason would throw in his mystery car to liven things up.

In the end the buyer usually made a decision on the car they want, and attempts to negotiate with Jason, who consequently telephoned the seller on air and tried to achieve the best deal possible for the buying member of the public. As of 2009, no new series/episodes had aired.

Series guide

  • Series 1 - 20 programmes (2005)
  • Series 2 - 20 programmes (2006)
  • Series 3 - 26 programmes (2007)