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My user page, hello!

I'm also a Shoutwiki [1] and a Miraheze[2] user (I recommend highly those sites.), I'm a my own wikis administrator.

And I contribute (more or less) on wikis about veterinary medicine, phytology and human medicine (not with this username), and Translatewiki [3].

I don't contribute on Wikipedia and I never will, because I really don't like a lot of things there. Maybe one day, I will make the list. And I'm a wary user of Wikipedia (not according as weight as many users do).

Native French speaker.

I love learning, and I'm interest in many, many, many things in the Human knowledge field.

My main fields of interests (or competence for some of them):

- Science: Health science, natural medicine & plants

- Human science: psychology, linguistics, languages learning

- Writing: translation & book publishing.

- Programming.

And many other intellectual interests, some that I didn't discorver yet.