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VIMBY is an American content marketing studio[1], with its headquarters based in Van Nuys, California[2]. Dean Waters is the CEO of the company.[3]

On this platform, the content producers live and work in cities worldwide, and are said to be connected by a digital infrastructure.[4]


On October 11, 2007, VIMBY launched as a destination website and publisher dedicated to local market lifestyle content[5] from the top 20 U.S. media markets. Focused on the demo, VIMBY released multiple videos daily celebrating music, fashion, nightlife, action sports, car culture, and more.[6][7]

In 2010, television producer Mark Burnett invested in VIMBY[8] and this partnership rebranded VIMBY as a content marketing studio for brands.[9] VIMBY entered into a 4-year partnership with Walmart[10], which included a local grocery campaign with nearly 2000 television spots in 85 markets and 4 markets and 4 languages.[2] The company''s major partnerships include the ones with McDonald's[11] and VSA Partners.[12][13][14]

After MGM purchased Mark Burnett’s company, VIMBY partnered with the studio. However in 2016, VIMBY and MGM agreed to a deal whereby VIMBY became independently owned and operated by its founding partners.[15]

In 2016, VIMBY financed an awarding-winning short-film, Rita, which was directed by Ron Torres.[16]

In May 2017, Damien S.Navarro was appointed as the New President for VIMBY.[3][17]


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