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VADDE RAJU (also transliterated as vadiya rajulu, waddraju,vadra rajulu,odderajulu) is a caste that originated in India and it is a social group found mainly in south andhra pradesh(nellore, prakasam, guntur, krishna) and some regions in telangana, orisa, Tamil Nadu, karnataka and they are classified as forward caste, backward caste in different states.


The origin of Vadde raju is has been linked to the various vamshams and dynasities but all of them belong to Kshatriya varna only although opnion vary and their history is documented in several books and grandhas etc. like come to origin in different aspects beacause we are belong to kshatriyas we consider only vamsham only like(surya,chandra,naga,bharatha vamsham) and not in caste

Surya Vamsham

the vadde rajus are belong surya vamasham and they are so strong and they love always wars and once they went to battle with against to an indrudu and their devathalu with certain matters and indrudu run away away to lord vishnu says please help me and vishnu called this persons ask what do u want kings they said we defeat every one except devathalu so we want conqueror them and ask one wish we want always wars so lord vishunu u want always battle so did battle on the ground with gadapara,para suthi. so this reasons only we got the name as vadde the persons who did earth and its relative works. (vadderaju,vadderaraju,odderaju) in front of raju.

Chola Dynasity

the chola dynasities many temples and forts were build by basically many engineers and builders are born from the blood of kshatriyas only and here the builders are called as the oddi rajulu.


In Bhagavata purana it is stated that progeny of lla-suydumma, Dirghatamas and sudsena had six sons ANAGA , VANGA ,KALINGA ,PUNDRA,SUMHA AND ODRA The six sons who rule India and the sixth son odra who rule odisha part region and now it name as orrisa.oddi(odra rajus) are belongs to the sixth son odra the vadde rajus from orrisa and now setlled in various regions


vadde=hard&strong and raju =king totally strong kings very hard to defeat them so lord vishnu and devathalu give curse to do battle on the earth and so and our sub caste or vaddera, oddulu,vaddi,waddera,bhovi.

  * vadde rajulu
   * vaddera nirmana karthalu
   * vaddera sharama jevulu
Attribute !  ! Vadde Raju!  ! vaddera  !  !vaddera(subdivision)
|builders,landlords,farmers | earth diggers | |stonecutters and earth diggers
| forward&backward caste | | backward caste | | most backward caste
Hindu | | Hindu | | Hindu
| ankamma(the goddess of destrudtion) | | ------- | | -----

Medival History

  * kakatiya dynasity
  * vijayanagara dynasity
  * reddy dynasity

Modern History

  * Golkonda period
  * British period
  * Zamindars period

Vadde raju Today

Today the estimated population of the Vadde Raju and subdivisions of this caste like vaddera,boyar community is more than 18 million people, spread mainly throughout India but also other countries. They comprise state leaders, administrative officers, politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, financiers, doctors , accountants, lawyers, professionals, engineers, academicians, businessmen and traders diversified in various professions with varying incomes. but mainly VADDE RAJU in South Andhra region people they settled as Builder and Contracters in various cities like Hyderbad,Banglore,Chennai.


Akhila Bharatha Vadde Rajulu Sangham in Srisalem in kurnool district in 1962

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