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Venona Mediasoft[1] is an Indian Media Entertainment and software company specializing in Media Technologies, Advertising, Broadcasting, Entertainments, Magazine, E commerce and various Diversified Business, Venona is a traditional Format "Promise Made, promise full-filled company, its currently operates under Third Party Service Level Agreement ( TPSLA) and has tie up with foreign company apart from it own country.

Venona is registered under the Indian Companies act of 2013 under ministry of corporate Affair in the name of Venona Mediasoft India Private limited (Legal Name) Company Identification number (CIN) is U72900MH2014PTC256041. Originally started as Venona Initiatives (Birth Name) Venona INC as (Business Name)



With the Outburst of the dot-com bubble during the turn of the century and Business process outsourcing into the Indian Sub-Continent it was a Glittering hope of getting good opportunity for a better future, But jobs were still hard to get as the hiring process was all hyped up. given with the situation to sustain and maintain a stable Livelihood had to look for alternate medium of survival, the people who met at job interview of these call center decided to put up an initiatives of their own, and it should be something for all and no one is above anyone.

All the group people decided upon this name Venona : We (Ve) meaning all of us and None(Nona) Meaning no one is above anyone, initiatives was added to the name to give a Business like name, making the birth name as Venona Inititatives, Started operation as of 1st August 2004 from the street of Vakola ( Mumbai) for freelance/ Canvasser of a New technology visiting card known as digital offset printed visiting cards, Venona Initiative found itself to be like a charitable institution rather than a business entity. so it was rechristened to Venona Inc which became its business name. Although started by people who themselves were cash striven had to walk through the market on feet, although it is believed that the executive of Venona Inc has fathom the length and Breadth of Mumbai City on foot

The main perspective of the individuals was to get stable jobs, were mostly in and out of the enterprise, it continued doing on off business for the next 10 years. The theory of freelancer /Canvasser was updated to TPSLA, the company signed various contract and agreement with Various companies in India and abroad, few of the contract were renewed and some agreement were left to die, it was still far far away from Mainstream Business


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