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Viaedge Software Technologies. is a networking appliances company. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has development and marketing offices PAN India. It originally manufactured and sold load balancing products..

Viaedge' flagship product, the V-Load Director, was originally a network load balancer but today also offers other functionality such as access control and application security. Add-on modules to VLD family of products offer email filtering and intelligent compression to allow for lower bandwidth and faster downloads in addition to load balancing and local traffic management capabilities.

Viaedge offers products in various segments of the Application Delivery Controller market. Gartner cite the most significant competitors (in terms of market share) as Cisco Systems and Citrix Systems. Other competitors include A10 Networks, Armorlogic, Array Networks, Barracuda Networks, Brocade, Coyote Point Systems, Crescendo Networks, KEMP Technologies, Radware and Zeus Technology.

Corporate history

Viaedge Software Technologies was founded in 2002. Viaedge's first product was a Server load balancer called VLD. If a server went down or became overloaded, VLD directed traffic away from that server to other servers that could handle the load. . Corporate focus is on networking gears. In 2010, 75% of the Viaedge business was with ET 500 companies.


V-Load Director (VLD)

Viaedge's VLD product is based on a network appliance (either virtual or physical), which runs on top of Linux. This appliance can then run one or more product modules (depending on the appliance selected), which provide the VLD functionality.

V-NetLink (VLLB)

Viaedge's V-Netlink product is based on a network appliance (either virtual or physical), which runs on top of Linux. This appliance can then run one or more product modules (depending on the appliance selected), which provide the VLD functionality.

Viaedge Appliances

The current line of VLD & V-NetLink appliance was released between 2009 and 2010, and the hardware models internally use a single custom-fabricated system board. The previous platforms had two internal boards - a PC/server-type motherboard . Some models include hardware SSL acceleration for key exchanges and bulk encryption/decryption, and hardware compression assistance. The current hardware line-up uses Intel CPUs, but some previous models have included AMD Opteron CPUs. Hardware models include a front LCD panel for configuration and monitoring and a separate service processor for out-of-band management.

The full model line-up is as follows,[1] with approximate best-case throughput indicated:

Model Advertised throughput
VLD 100 1 Gbit/s
VLD Pro 4101 1 Gbit/s
VLD Pro 4102 2 Gbit/s
VLD Pro 4202 2 Gbit/s
VLD Pro 4204 4 Gbit/s
VLD Pro 4206 6 Gbit/s
VLD Ent 5404 4 Gbit/s
VLD Ent 5408 8 Gbit/s
VLD Ent 5812 12 Gbit/s
VLD Ent 5816 16 Gbit/s
Model Throughput WAN Ports Restricted Maximum Bandwidth
LLB S-002 200 Mbit/s 2 2 Mbit/s
LLB S-004 200 Mbit/s 2 4 Mbit/s
LLB P-006 300 Mbit/s 3 6 Mbit/s
LLB P-010 2 Gbit/s 4 10 Mbit/s
LLB E-020 3 Gbit/s 6 20 Mbit/s
LLB E-045 4 Gbit/s 8 45 Mbit/s
LLB T-100 5 Gbit/s 10 100 Mbit/s
LLB T-500 6 Gbit/s 12 500 Mbit/s

Viaedge Product Modules

  • V-Load Director : Local load balancing based on a full-proxy architecture.
  • V-Application Delivery Controller: Global Server Load Balancing using DNS.
  • NetLink: Inbound and outbound ISP load balancing.
  • WAN OptimiZation Module: A data centre symmetric WAN optimization solution.


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