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Vince Thompson
Born Sacramento, California, US
Residence Los Angeles, California, US
Education USC, Pepperdine University
Occupation Businessman, author
Years active 1993–present
Title Founder & managing partner, Middleshift Consulting
Board member of ProspectWise,[1] Steezy, FirstStar, ThursdayNights

Vince Thompson (born 1963) is an American businessman, venture capitalist, author, and the founder and managing partner of Middleshift.[2]

Early Life

Vince has always been interested in media and started off in the radio industry. He graduated from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and worked in the TV industry until he saw an opportunity with the tech industry in the 90s.[3]


In November 1998, Thompson joined AOL leading their advertising sales for the West and worked as western sales director, VP capability and VP sales until leaving in 2005 for the newly-formed Facebook company.[4] He got the job by writing a piece for Electronic Media that emphasized his enthusiasm for the tech industry at-large[3].


In 2005, Thompson left AOL and joined Facebook as vice president of sales when the company had less than 30 employees. He recalls in an interview that he heard about a VP position opening from a sandwich board in front of their office[3].While there he oversaw the launch of the company's national sales operation. Thompson is credited by Bloomberg Businessweek and Business Insider as being the first Facebook employee to make millions of dollars from the company's stock, which back in 2006 was considered illiquid securities.[5][6] Thompson met with Restricted Stock Partners[7], now Secondmarket, and found a way to get people to pay for shares of a private company.


Thompson is the author of the book Ignited! Managers, Light Up Your Company for More Power, More Purpose and More Success[8][9][10] published by FT Press and is contributor to the textbook Media Selling: Television, Print, Internet, Radio.[11]


Title Year Publisher ISBN
Ignited: Managers! Light Up Your Company And Career For More Power More Purpose And More Success 2007 FT Press ISBN 0137060890 / ISBN 978-0137060894


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