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Warren Slocum, was elected to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors in November 2012 and assumed office in January 2013. He represents the 4th supervisorial district, which includes the cities of Redwood City, East Palo and the eastern portion of Menlo Park as well as the unincorporated community known as North Fair Oaks. As a member of the Board, Slocum represents the County on a number of Boards and Commissions including the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Domestic Violence Council, HOPE Interagency Council (Housing Our People Effectively), Redwood City 2020, the Workforce Investment Board, the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission, the AIDS Program Community Advisory Board, the South Bayside Waste Management Authority and the North Fair Oaks Community Council. Last year he co-chaired two Ad Hoc Committees including the: Measure A Funding Committee to allocate the voter-approved 10-year half-cent sales tax measure for the County of San Mateo and the District Lines Committee which was charged with reviewing and recommending supervisorial district boundary adjustments after the passage of Measure C in November 2012 which changed the way supervisors are elected in San Mateo County from an at-large system to a district election system. Supervisor Slocum is dedicated to the successful implementation of the Community Plan for the North Fair Oaks Community (the first update in 35 years), youth initiatives, transparency in government and technology initiatives.


Warren is married with two sons and a golden doodle named Crockett and a cat named Max.[1]


Slocum graduated with honors from San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. in 1972 with a BA in American History, 1972. He was president of Phi Alpha Theta at university.

Military service

Warren enlisted in the Army and served in Vietnam during 1966-67. His unit received a Meritorious Unit Citation and he was honorably discharged after three years of service.[2]

Former Public Service

Warren Slocum is the former Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder who was first elected to office in 1986 with 73% of the vote,[1] and retired from public office in 2010.

  • In 1997 he was selected as a member of the "US Election Observation Team" (through IFES International Foundation for Election Systems) [3] charged with the responsibility of evaluating presidential elections in Albania.
  • Warren led the fight to make touch screen voting systems more secure (watch the video "High Tech Voting" on the Lehrer News Hour).[4]
  • eSlate voting system[5] was tested and in addition there is a UPS type tracking system that allows a voter to track their absentee ballot. Warren is known for his use of innovative internet technology implementation[6] and is concerned for the voters having confidence in the electoral process within the nation.[7] His technology interest gave way to the first in the nation Webcast Weddings that are now available in many Clerk's Offices so that all can attend if not able due to distance or disability.[8]
  • At the request of local school district officials who were struggling to accurately forecast financial information and budget appropriately during turbulent economic times. Slocum designed the first online, real time Assessment Roll Tracker. This online product allowed financial professionals in the County's 20 cities, 24 school districts and 70+ special districts to monitor property assessment values, accurately estimate property roll values and budget accordingly. Information was downloadable, designed for analytic purposes, and transparently available to the public. The San Mateo County Fiscal Officers Group gave Slocum a standing ovation in thanks for this service; this was the first service of its kind in the state of California.
  • In 2005 Warren Slocum was named to the National Council[9] on Voting System Performance Rating (VSPR)[10][11] panel setting voting machine standards nationwide.[12] Voting machine vendors, election officials and prominent computer scientists agreed to try to end ongoing controversy over electronic voting by attempting to draft uniform standards.[13] He has been recognized by many groups for his innovation, honesty and integrity.[14]

Supported AB43

In a letter to his peers, San Mateo County Clerk/Recorder Warren Slocum encouraged support of the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, also known as AB 43 before same-sex marriage was legalized in California. At the time, he was joined by one other registrar in the State. Apart from the rights it bestows, Slocum wrote, "Marriage brings a certain dignity, respect and recognition for heterosexual couples and their families. Public policy should reflect and reinforce this respect for same-sex couples." [15]

Audio Interview on Voting Certification

Warren discusses the process of meeting the new Federal Voting Certifications and the problems faced by counties in California before the June Primary, with only 11 counties representing 15% of California's voters have certified voting systems in place. Warren points out the difficulties in meeting the new requirements, the constraints and how he is speaking to legislators to pass special voting legislations. Most major newspapers are endorsing the vote by mail rather than rushing in to certify these new voting machines under a tight timeline.[16]

Other endeavors

  • Conducted California's first Internet Voting Demonstration Project that had 1,200 participants in October 2000
  • Co-founder of the Smart Voter Project. This pioneering effort lead to the delivery of electronic sample ballots to residents of the Silicon Valley.[17]
  • Founded a LeaderAcademy at Stanford University as well as the California Trial Court Training Institute which received the prestigious Ralph Kleps Award for innovation.


Swam the “Escape from Alcatraz” race, in which he finished 286 out of around 1,000 swimmers; plus he recently had a hole in one at Poplar Creek Golf course.[1]


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