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Template:EngvarB Wayne Hector is a British songwriter. This is a list compiling his songwriting discography.


Song Artist
Why (Are We Still Friends?) 98 Degrees[1]
I Don't Wanna Be Alone All Saints[2]
You Are Atomic Kitten[3]
Boyfriend Big Time Rush[4]
Show Me Big Time Rush[5]
You Didn't Expect That Billy Crawford[6]
Without You Blue[7]
And I Boyzone[8]
You Needed Me Boyzone[7]
Out from Under Britney Spears[9]
I Just Can't Live A Lie Carrie Underwood[10]
Call My Name Charlotte Church[11]
Favorite Scars Cher[12]
Just a Fool Christina Aguilera[13]
Sparks Cover Drive[14]
Forever Damage[15]
So What If I Damage[16]
Good Intentions Dappy[17]
Long, Long Way to Go Def Leppard[18]
Woman Delta Goodrem[19]
Be Myself Again Donna Summer[20]
Big When I Was Little Eliza[21]
Take My Breath Away Emma Bunton[22]
Break Your Plans The Fray[23]
Go Your Own Way Gareth Gates[7]
Accidental Garou[24]
Something New Girls Aloud[25]
He Don't Love You Human Nature[26]
We Like to Party Inna[27]
Say Love Jojo
Get Down James Arthur[28]
Supposed James Arthur[28]
Bones James Blunt[29]
Hollywood James Blunt[29]
Miss America James Blunt[29]
Postcard James Blunt[29]
The Only One James Blunt[29]
Rest of Our Life Jason Derulo[30]
The Letter James Morrison[31]
Beat Again JLS[32]
Everybody in Love JLS[32]
Hold Me Down JLS[33]
Love You More JLS[34]
Running John Newman[35]
What If Kate Winslet[36]
Rejoice Katherine Jenkins[37]
Bailamos Klaus Badelt / Fergie[38]
Sexy Love Kylie Minogue
Vultures Labrinth[39]
Don't You Worry Madasun[40]
Feel Good Madasun[40]
Walking on Water Madasun[40]
No Cure Megan Hilty[41]
All That You Deserve Michael Bolton[42]
All This Time Michelle McManus[43]
Heart Without a Home (I'll Be Yours) Nick Carter[44]
Starships Nicki Minaj[15]
Whip It Nicki Minaj[45]
Don't Get Better No Authority[46]
Army of Two Olly Murs[47]
Hand on Heart Olly Murs[47]
Personal Olly Murs[47]
Thinking of Me Olly Murs[48]
Best Song Ever One Direction[49]
Little White Lies One Direction[49]
Everything About You One Direction[50]
Same Mistakes One Direction[50]
Steal My Girl One Direction[51]
Summer Love One Direction[52]
Why Don't We Go There One Direction[49]
All or Nothing O-Town[53]
Picking Up The Pieces Paloma Faith[54]
Streets of Glory Paloma Faith[54]
Flava Peter Andre[55]
Nobody Does It Better Pixie Lott[56]
Me and My Broken Heart Rixton[57]
Wait On Me Rixton[58]
Standing Still Roman Lob[59]
Lost For Words Ronan Keating[60]
Changing Sigma featuring Paloma Faith[61]
Higher Sigma featuring Labrinth
Flying Without Wings Ruben Studdard[62]
Black Box Stan Walker[63]
I Believe Stephen Gately[64]
Redlight Tiesto[65]
I Hate This Part The Pussycat Dolls[66]
All Time Low The Wanted[7]
Glad You Came The Wanted[7]
Gold Forever The Wanted[7]
Heart Vacancy The Wanted[7]
I Found You The Wanted[7]
Lightning The Wanted[7]
The Hardest Thing Toše Proeski[67]
Help Me Understand Trace Adkins[68]
Closer Tracie Spencer[69]
No Matter Tracie Spencer[69]
Need You Travie McCoy[70]
Last Night The Vamps[71]
Angel's Wings Westlife[72]
Drive (For All Time) Westlife[73]
Flying Without Wings Westlife[7]
Hey Whatever Westlife[74]
Queen of My Heart Westlife[73]
Swear It Again Westlife[7]
To Be Love Westlife[73]
We Are One Westlife[73]
What Makes a Man Westlife[73]
World of Our Own Westlife[73]


Album Artist
The Collection 98 Degrees[7]
Here We Come A1[7]
Saints & Sinners All Saints[7]
BTR Big Time Rush[75]
All Rise Blue[7]
Circus Britney Spears[7]
Some Hearts Carrie Underwood[7]
Messy Little Raindrops Cheryl Cole[7]
Closer to the Truth Cher[76]
Measure of a Man Clay Aiken[7]
Euphoria Enrique Iglesias[7]
5ive Five[7]
What My Heart Wants to Say Gareth Gates[7]
Ten Girls Aloud[7]
Human Nature Human Nature[26]
Some Kind of Trouble James Blunt[7]
Evolution JLS[33]
What's Wrong with This Picture? Lee Harding[7]
Lee Ryan Lee Ryan[7]
Just For You Lionel Richie[76]
Stardust MIKA[77]
Fear of Flying Mýa[76]
Now or Never Nick Carter[7]
In Case You Didn't Know Olly Murs[7]
Up All Night One Direction[7]
O-Town O-Town[7]
Young Foolish Happy Pixie Lott[7]
Feels Like Today Rascal Flatts[7]
Bring You Home Ronan Keating[7]
Ronan Ronan Keating[7]
La Voce Russell Watson[78]
Lift Shannon Noll[7]
Sanctuary Simon Webbe[7]
New Beginning Stephen Gately[64]
Higher The Overtones[79]
Doll Domination The Pussycat Dolls[7]
Pulse Toni Braxton[7]
Chrome Trace Adkins[68]
Lazarus Travie McCoy[80]
What the World Needs Now Is Love Wynonna Judd[7]


Billy Elliot[81]
Bratz: The Movie[82]
Christmas Carol: The Movie[81]
Pitch Perfect[81]


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