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Musical artist

Werd (SOS) (born June 1987),[1] also known as Drew Devine, is an Edinburgh based hip-hop artist. He has worked with, and continues to work with new and old artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Scotland's top producers and artists in the genre.[2][3][4]

His debut album Untitled Scot was released on 31 July 2012.[5][6]


First released material through Sons of Scotland[7] with fellow emcee and Edinburgh resident Deeko, the duo gained success in Scotland and performed at various gigs throughout the country. The release itself, created an underground following for both artists, however Werd (SOS) never reached a larger audience until the release of The Scottish Rapper towards the end of 2008. This mix tape attracted the ears of local promoters and artists projecting him to new heights and gaining exposure on a national scale.

In December 2010 Werd teamed up with fellow Edinburgh artist Wardie Burns to create the 26 track Vagabonds[8] mixtape released on Sons of Scotland. The follow up mini-album Vagabonds in Space released 8 June 2011[9] along with Zambian Astronaut further increased their presence in the UK Music scene. The album features arguably the most recognised Scottish hip hop artists, Madhat McGore, Adam Holmes and Glasgow's Mog who featured on the debut music video titled 'A Declaration'.[10]

Werd therefore has continued to push the music, already making waves in the underground scene and appearing on national UK radio and international hip-hop stations in Germany, Norway, France, Australia and US. Featured on local stations such as Glasgow University's Subcity Radio,[11] Leith FM and Steg G's Sunny Govan Community Radio, he has now progressed to larger national stations such as BBC Radio 1Xtra and Scotland's BBC Radio 1.[12] On 26 June 2011 Werd appeared on BBC Radio 1 Introducing show with Ally McCrae and Wardie Burns discussing and playing live tracks from his 'Oor Wardie' album (released on SOS).[13]

Werd has also worked with BBC Radio 1's Charlie Sloth as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scottish rap showcase, performing live on the famous Royal Mile.[14] Furthermore, featured in BBC 1Xtra documentary Rap Britannia – The UK State of Rhyme, A visual story from 1Xtra following Charlie Sloth's journey to find out about rappers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The follow up to the award-winning It's Grime Up North.[15][16]

In October 2015 Werd released Alien [PE.2] and also launched his new Vevo channel,[17] for his new single / music video Salt n Sauce. The project's content was no longer about local hip-hop or gaining exposure. The new focus was a wild mix of emotion based on frustration with our current system of life on a global scale. Featuring production from: Bigg Taj, Righteous Fist, Konchis, Madman Speakz, Dixie, C. Boyd, Sea-Bass, Tam O'Shatner, Lorne MacDougall, Big Shamu, Loonatic Beats & Dale A Thomson.

His most recent solo album God Save The Public was released in December 2016 with eye-catching artwork designed by local artist Suky Goodfellow. The album is on all good digital outlets and was released with the music video Hip-Hop & Ya Should Stop.[18][19] This album gained exposure for it's political lyrics, further enhanced by his performance on the BBC Stage at Edinburgh Fringe during the Rappers vrs Poets event.[20]

In 2018 came Liz Taxpay£rs with Blasfima Sinna.[21] Also released was III (LP) - written and recorded at Sons of Scotland (SOS) studio based in Edinburgh by Werd & Conscious Route. Beat production and audio mastering by Steg G at Powercut Productions based in Glasgow. This was also released through Powercut Productions, giving a more DnB / Electronic style to the LP's sound.[22]

He is currently still making music and hosting a local Hip-Hop nights at Sketchy Beats Cafe in Leith once a month.

Live Gigs

Werd has worked with, and continues to work with new and old artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh's top producers and artists in the genre as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. Venues such as The Ark, The Cabaret Voltaire, The Store (GRV), Club Mediab (Third Door), The Jazz Bar, Sneaky Pete's, Maggie's Chamber, Cruz, Club Berlin, The Hide, Bongo Club, Shanghai Club, Henry's Celler Bar, The Voodoo Rooms, The Venue and The Yard (as part of Music2be Festival)[23] have hosted Werd on stage in Edinburgh, as well as playing during the world-famous Edinburgh Festival. Furthermore, in Glasgow he has performed at The Garage, 13th Note, Box and Beat Club, Art School and more. Outwith the main cities, he has performed in Fort William, Ayrshire, 2010 Dunnedin Glen Festival in Fife and Audio Soup festival 2013/15 near Dunbar.[24]

In recent years Werd has also supported some of the UK's top hip hop acts including; Dr Syntax, Stig of the Dump (rapper) and Mic Righteous at Edinburgh's Studio 24, as well as Devlin at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms.[25][26][27] Furthermore, he has also supported and worked with former members of The Diplomats and founding Eurogang members S.A.S. (rap duo) in Edinburgh, alongside Madhat McGore.[28][29]

Apart from playing solo Scottish hip-hop, he also performs live with electro band Savage Sound System and also with Zambian Astronaut[30] creating more of a trip hop / rock experience.[31] Also, On other completely different type of performance, Werd has also been part of a large Ceilidh production during the Edinburgh Festival performing Robert Burns poetry in rap form, with full backing band that includes some of UK's best known professional musicians.[32][33]

Other than live performances, gigs have included hosting battles for Scotland Stand Up, Scot Style and Don't Flop.[34][34][35][36]


In 2011 Werd won Urban Recording of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards ceremony held on Sunday 4 September 2011 at the Classic Grand in Glasgow for the Vagabonds in Space release along with Wardie Burns, Zambian Astronaut and Mog.[2][37][38]

Nominated for Fear and Fashion Awards 2010[39] due to work on Anti-Knife Crime EP[40] with UVBeatz, Wardie Burns & Steg G.

Nominated for Scottish Alternative Music Award 2013 in 'Best Hip-Hop'[41]

Other work

Werd (SOS) has also worked at youth workshops in Edinburgh using beat boxing, rapping and lyric writing. Mainly focused on writing lyrics and performing rap with young people, he has taught at 'Pilton Youth and Children's Project' and 'Dance Base' located in Edinburgh's Grassmarket.[42][43]

Worked on an Anti-Knife Crime project in 2009/2010 with Leith Agency[44] containing Scottish hip-hop music aimed towards a young audience. Together with Edinburgh City Council this was used as research at public schools and youth groups. Also featured on the project; Wardie Burns, UV Beatz and Powercut's Steg G.

Edinburgh Festival each year gives the chance to work with experimental gigs and reach a difference audience, Werd does this by working with This Is Ceilidh production using hip-hop with a mix of Robert Burns poetry.[45]


  • Werd (SOS) – John Connor / Drive It Like Its Stolen (Sons of Scotland, 2011)[46]
  • Werd (SOS) – Untitled Scot (Sons of Scotland, 2012)[47][48]
  • Werd (SOS), Deeko – Cross Borders ft S.A.S. (Sons of Scotland / Eurogang, 2013)[49][50]
  • Werd (SOS), Sea Bass – Welcome to Anywhere (Sons of Scotland, 2013)[51][52]
  • Werd (SOS) – Alien [PE.2] (Sons of Scotland, 2015)[53][54]
  • Werd (SOS) – God Save The Public (Sons of Scotland, 2016)[55]
  • Werd (SOS) & Blasfima Sinna - Liz Taxpay£rs (Sons of Scotland, 2018)[56]
  • Werd, Conscious Route & Steg G - III (Powercut Productions, 2018)[57]

Mixtapes / EP's

  • S.O.S: Presents Werd n Deeko Vol.1 (Sons of Scotland, 2007)[58]
  • Werd – The Scottish Rapper (Sons of Scotland, 2008)[1][59][60][61]
  • Werd – Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.1 (Sons of Scotland, 2009)
  • Werd – Patient Empowerment (Sons of Scotland, 2009)[62]
  • Project: Auld Reekie (Sons of Scotland, 2009)[63]
  • Werd – Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2 (Sons of Scotland, 2010)
  • Wardie Burns / Werd / UVBeatz – Anti Knife Crime EP (Sons of Scotland/Powercut, 2010)
  • Wardie Burns / Werd – Vagabonds (Sons of Scotland, 2010)[64]
  • Zambian Astronaut / Werd – Underworld (Zambian Astronaut, 2010)[65]
  • Project: Auld Reekie 2 (Sons of Scotland, 2011)[66]
  • Vagabonds in Space (Sons of Scotland/ZA, 2011)[67]
  • Conscious Route & Werd – Nowadays EP (Sons of Scotland, Conscious Route 2011)[68]
  • Blasfima Sinna, Conscious Route & Werd – Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil (Sons of Scotland, Conscious Route 2012)[69][70]
  • The Black, Black Rose EP (Sons of Scotland 2012)[71]
  • Cross Borders ft S.A.S. (Eurogang) (Sons of Scotland 2013)[72]
  • Strait Jacket EP (Sons of Scotland 2013)[73][74]

Guest appearances

  • Wardie Burns – "Vagabonds" (Powercut Productions, 2010) Wardie Burns – Oor Wardie (CD)'[75]
  • Madhat McGore – "Naughty Eyes" (Music Comes First Records) Stuck Behind the Looking Glass (CD)'
  • Nity Gritz – "Kids in the Paper" (Music Comes First Records) Unify Me! (DL)'[76]
  • UV Beatz – "Various Tracks" (UV / Powercut Productions) UV Beatz Recordings Vol.1–3 (DL)'
  • Scant Squad – Before This, No Me (Scant Squad Recordings, 2009) Scant Squad Recordings Vol.1 (CD)'[77]
  • Certified Banger/Jee4ce – The Internet (Certified Banger, 2009) Certified Celtic Connection (DL)'[78][79]
  • Scant Squad (Scant Squad Recordings, 2010) Scant Squad Recordings Vol.2 (CD)'[77]
  • Wardie Burns – The SWINE FLU Mixtape (Sons of Scotland, 2009)
  • Deeko – Life Itself Vol.1 (Sons of Scotland, 2010)[80]
  • Gangland Authentic – Three Bottles (Album: Nostalgia, 2010) (Independent Recording)
  • Big Div – Wardie Burns / Werd – A Good Rhyme (DJ Premier Mix) (Album: SPL Mixtape, 2010) (Major Threat)
  • Fly Spittin – Volume 1, Track 10. Werd (SOS) – My Perspective (J.R. Hartley, 2011)>[81]
  • C-Mone – Dancing With Mirrors – Track 01: R.I.P.(Ft. Werd) (Original Release Date: 1 August 2011 on Dark Whisper Records)>[82][83]
  • Deeko – Life Itself Vol.2 (Sons of Scotland, 2011)[80]
  • Wardie Burns & Wee D – Escape From Carstairs (Sons of Scotland, Powercut 2011)[84]
  • Conscious Route / Blasfima Sinna – Flight of the Ambitious EP (SOS / You-Sonix 2012)[85][86]
  • Conscious Route – Real World (SOS / True Hold Records 2012)[87][88]
  • Madhat McGore – Wonderland (Music Comes First Records 2012)[89][90]
  • Han CMC – Shadow Skillz (Sons of Scotland 2013)[91]
  • SOS: AYE Tunes Vol.1 (Sons of Scotland 2014)[92]

Website / Magazine Quotes

'Even if you're just a casual hip hop listener, you owe it to yourself to give Werd a spin. Rhymes are as cunningly creative as they are uncompromising and he executes them with such furious, stylish precision.' The Pop Cop [93]

‘With an array of genres, styles, and a clear passion for diversity, Werd continues to represent the Scottish Hip-Hop scene to the fullest.’ Ryan Maxwell (Hip-HopKings.com) [94]

'Werd (SOS) A.K.A. Drew Devine, has been one of the key players in the process of putting the Scotch-Hop scene on the map. Werd has quite possibly one of the most distinctive voices in the game and has put a lot of work in to get that voice heard.' Marc McAllister (Flicker magazine) [95]

Drive It Like It's Stolen – or Drive It Like It's F****ng Stolen to give the song its full name – is three minutes of potty-mouthed, insurrectionary attitude. It is a middle finger raised to the law and anyone else who cares to take offence. And for that, it's truly brilliant.' Ed Uncovered [96]

He is one of the most well respected and prolific hip hop artists within Scotland, and this his debut solo full-length album is a welcome addition to the hordes of mixtapes he already has to his name.' Rave Child [97]


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