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Wikka is a line of beauty care products that was established in 2015 by Rupal Shabnam Tyagi. The inspiration behind Rupal Shabnam Tyagi’s brainchild Wikka is her lifelong connect with nature and her childhood experiences which got all the more encouraged after her marriage into a family with royal lineage.[1]


Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, the founder of Wikka is an Aromatherapy practitioner and Perfumer and founder Wikka in 2015. She firmly believes in the power of healing through nature and believes it is time we start reconnecting with it. She is one of those few entrepreneurs in the industry who's true to the spirit of "go natural" and is catering to the deepest concerns of her consumers by welcoming personalised requests and feedbacks. Any remedy that she gives involves only natural ingredients which are completely harmless and free of side effects. Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, married into a family with royal lineage, has always been exposed to regal fragrances and beauty secrets known only to blue blood. Regular visits to their family-owned aromatic plantations and mango orchards stoked her interest in aromatherapy, leading her to become a certified aromatherapist from London. She is also the founder of Wikka, where she creates beauty products based on completely natural ingredients like essential oils, natural herbs and potions. From being a software professional to becoming an aromatherapist, Rupal traces her interesting journey so far.[2] In 2016-17.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, who has launched Wikka, an exclusive line of beauty and wellness potions. She says family support is key for women entrepreneurs. “When you meet with a like-minded person who understands you and is willing to be by your side in your life’s journey, you are ready to take the plunge,” said Tyagi, whose products are based on the age-old practice of aromatherapy. Tyagi agrees that for the modern age woman, “travelling in two boats — one of motherhood and other an entrepreneur — is always a tough ride”. So, she suggests that it’s important to “prepare a way ahead in order to avoid the stress of workload both at home and at work”.[3]

Splash your face regularly with a combination of cider vinegar and lavender oil to soothe acne-prone skin. You can also create your own solution by mixing aloe vera gel with a few drops of tea tree essential oil.-Rupal Tyagi, Aromatherapist, perfumer and founder, Wikka[4]

Another effective product for glowing skin is Honey Avocado Face Pack by Wikka, which is a combination of forest honey and nourishing avocado oil.[5]

“Egyptian history mentions that perfumery was deeply linked to religion. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt used different scents for different occasions, one for meditation and another for love while a separate perfume was sprayed during wars — one that that exuded power,” states Rupal Tyagi, aromatherapist and founder, Wikka. It is believed that some members of Indian royalty had their signature scents curated for them. Traditionally, rose and exotic florals have been associated with feminine elegance, and woody-leathery-musky compositions with masculine sophistication.[6]

Recently Wikka presented as Gifting partners for The inaugural edition of "India Men Show", a luxury evening dedicated to celebrating men's lifestyle choices is slated to take place on April 18, 2019, at the Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi.[7] [8]


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