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Template:Infobox video game is a 2015 action game developed by Wingsio.[1] Users play as a plane and try to kill other planes in order to get up to the top of the leaderboard.[2] The game is similar to and


Players play as a small fighter plane which follows the mouse, flying around a limited 2D space over water. Players have limited health. Players can briefly exit the sides of the playing area, but will be destroyed for "abandoning the fight" if they remain outside the bounds for too long. Travelling above the top of the area will cause the plane to stall, and going underwater will incur a health penalty.[3] Players running out of health will be destroyed, while players with very little health will suffer engine failure and plummet to the water.

The game is a free-for-all dogfight, with arenas of roughly 20 players in each. Players score points primarily through destroying others, but also by collecting suspended yellow orbs dotted throughout the playing area, and collecting power ups.[2][3] Players lose half of their points upon death, but can respawn quickly. Each arena has a leaderboard, and the player in first place is designated as the "King", and will be granted double health. There is no way to definitively "win" the game; gameplay continues indefinitely.

Power ups are dropped from the top of the playing area. Collecting a power up replaces the default machine gun with limited ammunition for a more powerful weapon. These weapons are missiles, a 3-shot spread attack, a railgun, a "punch" attack, bombs, and a more rare laser "superweapon". A healing drop can also be collected, and players will heal slightly upon killing another player.

The game encourages "revenge" attacks by highlighting the position of the opponent which last killed the player. The king's location is similarly highlighted.

Players can customise the colours of their plane. Also, some choices of player name (such as the name of some countries) will add a flag that trails behind the plane.

Three events will occur during gameplay, with the time left until the event shown on-screen: 1. Warship Attack, which triggers 3 warships to enter the arena on the water. The warships have very high health, and are loaded with a tracking gun. Destroying one gives a lot of points, but only because the warships are hard to destroy without dying a lot. However, when all are destroyed, there might be another wave of warships coming. 2. Space Wars, which sends you to space for 5 minutes. In this, if you suffer engine failure, you will just float in place, the water is replaced with another boundary, and the power ups do not move. The "King" still gets the double health, but also gets a special gun that cannot be changed. The gun is like the basic gun, but has slower reload and is more damaging. There are also asteroids, and when you shoot them, they give a point boost, but if you run into them, you will die. 3. Sudden Death, in which players compete for the highest kill count in a set amount of time. There are no powerups, and the only available weapon is an instant-killing red railgun.


The game is fully released.[4]


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