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oooh, orphan Template:Citation style There are charity organisations called Sukuukai in Japan. They are established in order to “rescue” little patients who have a serious disease like heart disease. The Sukuu kai gathers donation for those who have disease, and need money for their operation. In Japan, some kinds of operation are forbidden (now the prohibition has been revoked), but there are various kind of difficulty.[1]

What is Sukuu (Mamoru) kai.

Sukuu kai is a type of charity organisation for children who have serious disease like heart disease. In a lot of cases, a heart transplantation is the only way in order to care the heart disease. However, in Japan surgeons cannot give young children a heart transplant. That is because the transplantation requires a heart of young child, and young children are prohibited from donating his or her heart in Japan. So the young children who need the surgery of heart transplantation have to go abroad so that they have the operations of heart transplantation. The operation and going abroad cost a lot of money which is often more than 100 million yen. However the one parents of the patients never gather such a lot of money by themselves. So the “Sukuukai” is established. The organisation makes a website and stand on the streets. The organisation appeals to a lot of people to contribute to the patients.[2]

Example of those who want donation

Tsuruzoe Hinata

Tsuruzoe Hinata, seven-year-old boy, had heart disease, so he needed to be operated surgery which cost 145 million yen. The cost is so high that his parents appeal to a lot of people to contribute to them. At last, they raised more than 145 million yen including rest money another Sukuu kai donated.[3]

Saijou Mai

Saijou Mai, ten-year-old girl, had heart disease. So the parents founded Mai chan wo sukuu kai, and gathered more than 210 million.[4]

Nagao Sumika

Nagao Sumika is two-year-old girl. she had heart disease, so her parent founded Sumika chan wo mamoru kai to raise money for her heart transplant operation in 2013.[5]

Jinnbo Nagi

Jinnbo Nagi is four-year-old boy. He also had heart disease when he was two years and needed heart transplant operation. His parents founded Nagi kun wo sukuukai in 2012, and they raised 165million yen in about 4 month. He had heart transplant operation on June twentyfourth 2013, and operation succeeded. He spend life thanks to Sukuu kai and his donor.[6] His recent state can be seen at Nagi kun wo sukuu kai

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