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The World Technology Awards are presented annually by the World Technology Network (The WTN) at its World Technology Summit to individuals and corporations achieving significant, lasting progress in categories pertaining to science, technology, the arts, and design.[1]Template:Unreliable? [2]Template:Unreliable? The Awards are given in association with Time, NASDAQ, Fortune, AAAS, Science, NYAS, and MIT Technology Review.[1]Template:Unreliable? [3]Template:Unreliable?


The WTN was founded by its current chairman, James P. Clark.[4]Template:Dead link[5] The first set of 20 awards was presented in 2000. The 2001 World Technology Summit was held in London at Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine and the National Museum of Science & Industry.[6]Template:Unreliable? The 2002 World Technology Summit was held in New York City, in part at United Nations headquarters.[7]Template:Unreliable? The 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 World Technology Summit & Awards took place in San Francisco, with the Summits at leading hotels and the Awards ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.[8]Template:Dead link[9]Template:Primary source inline

In 2002, the WTN added a Corporate (designated by "Corp", below) award to 10 of the categories. These categories are listed separately. In 2001, the WTN added three categories: Education, Entertainment, and Social Entrepreneurship. In 2002, WTN discontinued three categories: Commerce, Transportation and Start-up Companies.[no citations needed here]

The X Prize Foundation and WTN announced the WTN X Prize in October 2004.[10]


Award recipients for each year are listed for each field.[9][11][12][13]Template:Primary source inline

The Arts



Communications Technology





Start-up Companies




Health & Medicine

Information Technology - Hardware

Information Technology - Software


Marketing Communications


Media & Journalism


Social Entrepreneurship




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