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Published by Scilab Enterprises, Xcos is a hybrid dynamic systems modeler and simulator. Distributed with Scilab, Xcos is an efficient solution for industrial and academics needs. Xcos is a graphical editor for Scicos to design hybrid dynamical system models. Models can be designed, loaded, saved, compiled and simulated.

Xcos is distributed freely with Scilab under CeCILL license (GPL compatible).

Main features

Standard palettes and blocks

  • Signal processing
  • Thermo-hydraulic blocks
  • Mathematical operations
  • Discrete and continuous system blocks
  • Electrical blocks
  • User-defined blocks
  • Annotations: text, LaTeX / MathML

Model building and edition

  • Blocks selection from existing palettes
  • User-defined palettes
  • Superblocks management (sub-diagram embedded in a single superblock for model reuse and simplification)
  • Configurable subsystems use
  • Conditionally executed subsystems creation
  • All Scilab data types available for signal definition

Model customization

  • Scilab algorithms and hand-written code integration
  • Simulation parameters definition
  • Signals and blocks parameters adaptation
  • User-defined blocks enabling Scilab and Modelica algorithms calls


  • Using solvers
  • Results analysis and visualization
  • Using C-code generation for better performances
  • Using Embedded Modelica compiler
  • Scilab analyzing and visualizing capabilities included
  • Batch simulation

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