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XgenPlus[1] is a Linux based Enterprise collaborative suite that includes an email server and web mail client. XgenPlus was initially developed by Data Infosys Limited,[2] a Jaipur based company, and is now developed by Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Limited.

In August 2016 the company began offering email address in 8 Indian languages and in October 2016, launched a service under the name ‘DATAMAIL’ to allow people to create email identities in 8 Indian languages, including: Devanagari, Bangla, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil and Gurumukhi (Punjabi), Marathi,[3] English; and 3 foreign languages – Arabic, Russian and Chinese.[4][5]

India's government telecom company BSNL[6] uses XgenPlus for all internal emails and 9 million broadband customers.[7] BSNL email user accounts are deployed with 40 security techniques by XgenPlus.[8] XgenPlus allows users to retrieve emails which they deleted up to 30 years back.[9]

Different technology companies refer to XgenPlus in different ways, i.e. TelecomTalk - a telecom media company refers to XgenPlus as Unified Communication.[10] According to CIOReview magazine, XgenPlus is a "Make In India Enterprise email platform to level with global email players".[11] TheTechPortal - a technology and startup media company refers to XgenPlus as "Secured Enterprise Email Client[12]" and Kerela Telecom refers to it as Next Generation Email platform.[13] Mauritius largest telecom company announce launch of their BharatBerry services which are powered by XgenPlus.[14] ProRev reviews Xgenplus and gives 8 out of 10.[15]


Xgenplus supports RFC for POP3, IMAP, SMTP along with all standard email protocols.[16]

Email client include Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook express, Microsoft Mail, Android Mail, Gmail app, Boxer App, iPhone App, BharatSync[17] Communicator App are compatible with XgenPlus.

Other features include embedded communicative and collaborative features that allows users to schedule, manage task, share calendars and folders, resource planning and scheduling. The XgenPlus has inbuilt anti-spam technology called "SpamJadoo"[18] that checks email and filter out spam at server, domain and user level.[19] XgenPlus also allows users, for example email marketers, to send bulk mail and track the reports with its inbuilt feature "TBMS" (Trackable Bulk Mail Solution).[20]

The XgenPlus web mail server supports IMAP and POP3 which allows user to synchronize mail, contacts and collaborative items with proprietary mail clients such as Apple, Microsoft Outlook with active sync protocol. XgenPlus also provides two- way sync to many mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android.XgenPlus has high availability deployment to corporates and mission critical deployments.fIt er up to 10TB of storage in a single email box.[21]

Included open source projects

The XgenPlus Server uses open source projects such as:


Awards and achievements

  • IT innovator of the Year[22] - Business Rankers Magazine 2015
  • XgenPlus - A Data Infosys software product was nominated as India's Top Software Project[23] by leading technology magazine "PCQUEST"
  • Among the top three finalists for the category of "DSCI Innovation Box – Most Innovative Idea of the Year" for the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) Excellence Awards 2015.[24]
  • XGENPLUS, A Make In India Enterprise email to level global email players - May 2016 - CIOReview India Magazine[25]

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