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XPRESS is an award-winning British multi-cultural entertainment television series produced by Windrush Productions for Central Television.


XPRESS is back on track for a new series highlighting the best in multi - cultural entertainment from the Central region - with features on everything from comedy to cookery and fashion and funk.

During the seven weeks, the show focus on some of the best known names in entertainment, including soul music legend EDWIN STARR, Gladiator NIGHTSHADE - alias Olympic athlete Judy Simpson - chart topping stars PATO BANTON, APACHE INDIAN, RANKING ROGER and hit band CHINA BLACK. Titus Dawo and Radha Menon return as presenters for the second series which aims to combine a sense of humour with stories filmed in some of the most picturesque parts of the area - as well as highlighting many rising stars from the region.

In the first programme, soul legend Edwin Starr reveals how he is still recording at the age of 53 and gives a guided tour of his baronial castle in Warwickshire. Britain's answer to the late Kung-Fu king Bruce Lee - Pervez Khan - shows Titus what it takes to be a martial arts hero and Thai chefs Henry loui and Henry Chau, from Birmingham's china town, rustle up a delicious meal in just 15 minutes.

Radha also finds out about one woman in Birmingham, who claims to make the fastest wedding dress in town, and 70's star Tyrone starts his weekly check on the latest music videos in Video Slam. Says producer and director Pogus Caesar: "We'll be taking a positive look at the ways different cultures Xpress themselves in Britain today."

The first series of XPRESS was awarded a certificate of honour from Prix Circom Regional in recognition of exemplary professional work in regional television.


XPRESS is produced and directed by Pogus Caesar and is a Windrush Productions for Carlton UK Productions and a Central programme. (Friday 31 March 1995, 2.50pm Central region.) XPRESS Theme music Written & produced by award winning music producer Philip Jones of EARTH Studios.